Here's How to Throw a Wedding Without the Ceremony

Here's How to Throw a Wedding Without the Ceremony
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I got married in city hall seven years ago but I am celebrating my fourth wedding anniversary at the end of this month. And, yes, you calculated this right—my husband and I waited for three years to throw a proper wedding reception for about 80 of our closest friends and family. I can go into a lot of detail as to why we decided to do it this way, but long story short—we wanted to get married and we did—no fancy party, no expensive dress, just us two, two witnesses, and the city hall officiant. I have no regrets about it.

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My point is, there is no right way to get married and celebrate it. Sure, most people prefer having a ceremony and then immediately after that, a reception. But for others, like me, things happened otherwise. Just take a look at Penn Padgley and Domino Kirke who tied the knot in a courthouse in Brooklyn back in February and threw a star-studded reception in June where they invited a much larger crowd.

So whether you got married at the courthouse or said your vows surrounded only by immediate family in a far-off place, you still deserve a proper celebration later on.

Here, wedding industry pros share their top tips on throwing a perfect wedding-related bash.

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