How to Drop (Subtle) Hints to Your Beau on Your Dream Engagement Ring


You've been together for long enough to know that he or she is the one and you are pretty sure the feeling is mutual. It sounds like the next step for you two is to make things official and get hitched. But before you start a pinning bridal bouquets on Pinterest, have you though about your engagement?

No, we're not talking about planning your own proposal, but rather the starring accessory for it, i.e. the ring. While you can't control the situation, if you're going to be wearing a single piece of jewelry for the rest of your life, you might as well make sure you love it, right?! Because, trust us, there is nothing more awkward than saying, "I do," to the love of your life and then having to explain that you actually hate the ring.

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Here are four subtle ways to drop hints to your partner about what kind of engagement ring you want to end up on your finger.

1. You can always rely on your favorite celebs for help

Celebs, like us, get engaged, too. So try casually commenting on how much you love Olivia Wilde's unconventional engagement ring. Or just leave your favorite celebrity magazine open on the page that shows the ring you want.

Just make sure, your S.O. knows you don't expect him or her to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on it.

2. Use your friends' engagements

Chances are your Facebook feed is already full of engagement announcements. Yes, these can sometimes be a bit annoying, but you can actually use them to your advantage. Say something like: "Oh my god, Mark and Jennifer have gotten engaged and he gave her the most beautiful princess-cut ring."

That should do the trick.

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3. Window shop

Next time you two are out shopping, just stop by the jewelry stand at the store to marvel at the beautiful pieces, especially that one gorgeous ring you've had your eye on for a very long time.

4. Just talk about it

We know, this may not be the subtlest of ways but if you have really been together for a long time then you should be able to have any conversation, right? And don't worry, doesn't mean you have to take the romance out of it—your partner will still surprise you with a memorable proposal—and a ring you'll love for the rest of your life. 


Coinage, life, well spent. Presented by Geico. The average engagement ring in 2016 cost a whopping $6,163. That's enough for a vacation across Europe for two. Or you could also buy a decent used car with that six grand. Why are engagement rings So expensive? Well, it's partially due to a marketing campaign in the 1940s that convinced the U.S. that diamonds were the only option for an engagement ring. Historically, the purpose of the big rock was to guarantee the financial future for the bride to be if the wedding was canceled and her marriage prospects dimmed. Nowadays, the engagement ring is just a very pretty symbol of love, not a financial investment, especially, since the resale value of diamond rings is low, often, less than 50% of the original price. Couples who want to save money can opt for cheaper alternatives. Moissanite is a great option. It's a lab created stone with low environmental impact that is less than half the price of a diamond It's almost as hard as a diamond, and as twice the brilliance. Or try sapphire, these beautiful jewels come in an array of colors, not just blue. And white sapphires can look similar to a diamond. Plus, they're a fraction of the price. Colorful gemstones make for an elegant look as well. Look for rings with amethyst, opal, emerald, or garnet. A ring as unique as you are can save major money. If your heart is set on a diamond ring, though, check out estate sales or websites that specialize in pre-owned diamonds. There's no reason to pay full price for your sparkle. [SOUND] Coinage. Life, well spent. Presented by Geico.
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