6 Unconventional Bachelorette Party Ideas

6 Unconventional Bachelorette Party Ideas
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Bachelorette parties should be fun, but that doesn't mean they have to involve huge quantities of tequila, rowdy bridesmaids, a male stripper, and a terrible hangover the next day. Spring break kind of parties are not everyone's cup of tea, and that's totally normal.

Before you even start planning, sit down and talk to the future bride about what her dream party would look like and start from there. If you want to throw her a surprise bash, reach out to her parents, siblings, even fiancé, to see if they can give you some unique insight into what is it that she really enjoys the most (or maybe did as a kid). If you're still stuck, we asked a few party and wedding planners to give us their most unconventional ideas for a fun and memorable bachelorette party.

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