5 French Wedding Dress Designers You Need to Know

5 French Wedding Dress Designers You Need to Know

"I think the words that best sum up my philosophy are 'the simpler the better,'" says French wedding blogger Nessa Buonomo. "My aesthetic, and the purpose of my blog are really driven by simplicity and authenticity."

Seven years after Buonomo launched LaMariéeAuxPiedsNus.com, where she writes about bridal style, DIY projects, wedding flowers, and decor, the blog has become extremely popular in France both among the general public and magazine editors. Nessa even published a book, Floral Inspirations, in 2014, and started another blog.

She loves effortless and timeless looks, "dresses that transcend time and will still look amazing in 20, 30 or 60 years." We asked Buonomo to share her favorite French wedding dress designers who epitomize this style philosophy and the result will have you booking a flight to Europe as soon as you're done reading this. 

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