11 Unusual Gifts You Can Register For

11 Unusual Gifts You Can Register For
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Plates. Glasses. Sheets. A vacuum cleaner. These are all (somewhat) registry givens, and rightfully so. Newlywed homes require some basics, and the period between your engagement and wedding is your chance to make sure all your registry bases are covered. Use this time to decide which essentials need upgrading, which need tossing, and which need a nod on your wedding wish list.

Once you’re done talking bath towels and pasta bowls, the real fun begins. We are firm believers in making your registry truly reflect you as a couple. Are you drawn to experiences, electronics, or perhaps some funky décor? Are you planning an adventurous honeymoon that begs for new luggage? Maybe you want a cash fund for dinner at your favorite local restaurant.

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Our philosophy is this: if you’re adding personal details to your big day, add wedding gifts that represent your collective taste and interests. That’s where these super unique gifts come in that we swear will blow your guests away.

From a miniature drone and 3D pancake-printing robot to a foosball table and fish hotel, here are some memorable recommendations to get you started. Add a few of these gifts to your registry, and they’ll be sure to get newlywed life off to an even greater start.


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