10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Gorgeous Wedding #Inspo

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Gorgeous Wedding #Inspo

A huge part of successful wedding planning is knowing exactly what you want—from your dress to the color of the napkins at the reception. Having a clear vision of the design details of your big day will save you both time and money. Not to mention that you’ll make the job of your planner a lot easier. Take it from someone who reluctantly spent approximately half an hour planning her wedding, leaving all the decisions to the pros (because you don't feel like choosing a color palette) is sometimes a bad idea and leads to some major disappointments when the big day arrives.

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That’s why before you start making vendor appointments, do your homework and look at as much wedding- and event-related content online. And this is where your Instagram obsession comes in handy. Wedding professionals, photographers, and florists have kept their social media game strong so we asked the peeps at Instagram to curate a list of the community’s most inspiring wedding accounts.

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