March 03, 2016

Celebrity baby names run the gamut from weird to weirder, so when Zooey Deschanel announced that she named her daughter Elsie Otter, we had mixed emotions. Surprised? Not really. Pleased? A bit. Curious? Definitely. And luckily, the new mom is setting the record straight about her baby girl's moniker today on The Ellen Show

As it turns out, the 7-month-old's middle name is a family one—sort of. "Is that a family name?" host Ellen DeGeneres quipped. "In the sense that we're all mammals," the New Girl actress hilariously responded. Touché, Zooey. 

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"Elsie's kind of a classic name. A lot of people have grandmas and aunts named Elsie," she said. "And then the middle name can be a little wild." Wild indeed. Watch the full interview above to see Deschanel talk about the full baby-naming process.