InStyle's Cover Girl (and Sci-Fi Heroine) Zoë Saldana Talks About Her Most Beloved Roles

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InStyle's July cover girl Zoë Saldana has played a multitude of roles, from a revenge-seeker in Colombiana to an alien in Guardians of the Galaxy (which just announced that its sequel will be titled Gardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2). And while there seems to be a world of difference (and in some cases, a galaxy) between the actress and the characters she's taken on, Saldana has found some similarities. 

"I relate to the tomboyish-ness that these characters have, and I guess that unconsciously or on purpose I make them all tomboys," Saldana says in a behind-the-scenes video from her cover shoot. "I like being very agile, physically agile, so that's what I can relate to when it comes to those action characters I've done." 

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Saldana hilariously reveals, however, that this is where the correlation stops: "I’m not into killing people like Colombiana, I’m not into flying into space obviously because I can’t, and I’m not into running into the jungle wearing nothing but like a dental floss like Neytiri."

Watch the full video above. And for Zoë Saldana's feature, be sure pick up the July InStyle, now available on newsstands and for digital download.

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[MUSIC] Which of my characters do I relate to most? I relate to the tomboyishness that these characters have. And I guess that unconsciously or on purpose, I make them all tomboys. I like being very agile, physically agile, so that's what I can relate to when it comes to these action Characters that I've done. But other than that, I'm not into killing people like going beyond. I'm not into flying into space. Obviously since I can't. And I'm not into running around in the jungle wearing nothing but like dental floss and an arrow like Nilgiri. No, no, nope, nope, no. For me, it's always when I meet Young, brilliant, beautiful people and they are fighting a battle, either with an illness or something and they, out of all the things they could be doing, they want to sit down with you. That has always been very impactful for me, I treasure it and I respect it very, very well, so whatever they need of me during the time that we're together I'm all there. So you are sort of reminded that we have to be careful with what we do, what is it that we want to say, how do you want to impact a person. So that always reminds me that I have to be aware of everything that I do in my life. [MUSIC]
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