You Don't Have to Be a Florist to DIY the Perfect Fall Flower Bouquet


Fact: You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to put together your own flower bouquet. Anyone—yes, even you!—can bundle up the perfect bouquet for any purpose, whether it’s a dinner party, intimate wedding, or even just a decorative display for your mantel. And the best part? Many of the flowers and plants can be picked right from your backyard or purchased at a local deli or market.

Design expert Ron Wendt of Ron Wendt Design recently stopped by the InStyle offices to show us just how simple it really is. In the video above, Wendt took me through a number of fall-appropriate arrangements, showing me step-by-step how they come to life. Here were some of my biggest takeaways:

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Don’t be afraid of using too many colors—as long as all the colors are complementary. For example, in one of the stunning bouquets we created, Wendt used deep burgundy dahlias, pink garden roses, purple astrantias, green clematis vines, plum anemones, and other accoutrements of various colors. It may seem overwhelming, but together, these colors complemented each other perfectly.

It’s all about lines. When you set the base of your arrangement, think about creating a visual line that flows through the bouquet. For example, Wendt started with leucothoe, which he based on either end of the base to create visual interest from all angles.

Remember the rule of thirds. To give your arrangement that disorganized-yet-organized look, as if you were just casually out in woods foraging for flowers, use three of each flower and place them at different levels. If you're creating a bigger bouquet that calls for more than three, stick to odd numbers. It will feel more random that way.

I helped make this so I'm basically a florist now. Thanks, @ronwendtdesign!

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There’s no right or wrong way to do it. “Don’t be afraid of flowers,” Wendt told me. “You just want to make sure that from every angle you’ve created something interesting for your guests.” As long as you've done that, your work is complete. 

Keep your flowers from heat or the fireplace. True story—one time someone sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and I accidentally placed them on a radiator. Within hours they were completely dead and I felt horrible. So if there’s one thing you take away from Wendt’s expert advice, it’s to keep your flowers in a cool place so you can enjoy them for 4-5 days after your event. 

See? Arranging your own flowers is a piece of cake! Mmm, speaking of cake... 


[BLANK_AUDIO]. Hi Facebook, I'm Lindsay Dreyer from InStyle Weddings. I have Ron Wendt here today. He is the founder of, co-founder of Ron Wendt Design. And he specializes in floral arrangements. So today I thought that we would kind of take a look at some fall flowers, and learn how to put together a bouquet that can be used for a variety of occasions. For you wedding, for your Thanksgiving dinner party Or just Saturday morning you wake up and you kinda wanna throw together a beautiful bouquet for your home. So why don't you just tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into floral arranging. Well thanks for having me. I have a history in garden design. I have a love of Nature and brought me in to the floral world working with color and texture and that's what I really enjoyed about and fall is a great time for textures. So, the other messages don't be afraid of flowers. Okay. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Oka. So we're gonna start off simple and we will build on it a little bit. So anybody can put together ->> anybody can do ->> A beautiful arrangement ->> Anyone of these thing can do today.>> Okay Yeah Great. So let's just start by talking about maybe some of those upcoming events that you might have whether it's a fall intimate get-together or your thanks giving dinner or even a Fall wedding. What are some simple versatile floral arrangements that anyone at home could put together. Well thinking of Fall I thought that perhaps we'd start with a gourd. So if you'll pull this one over. Yeah there we go I Hollowed it out earlier and got all the yucky bits out of the way. One of the easiest flowers to work with are hydrangeas, so could you get the green hydrangeas off the corner and I'll show you what we did just to prep for that. Thank you. Hydrangeas come obviously with long stems. Everyone pretty much knows hydrangeas. In this case I'm gonna use a vase to drop them side the gourd because there could be leaking if you try to put stuff directly, and water directly into it. Good point. So essentially you hollow this out and drop this in. In this case I used chicken wire inside to hold the pieces but literally I mean, it took no time to put this together. If you go to the deli or to a floral shop, you just want to remove most of the leaves, cut the stems at an angle, and then place them right into the water, and then you've got this. So what you could do with this is, we could add I didn't bring Ivy with me today but you can add Ivy leaves to spread out. You could do something like maybe this farts here for lege which they've got far market that could actually make it a little more paternal. But the only thing is, you could pack in a few of the little gourds around it and have a really great centerpiece. And so- And that's just so easy to put together. So easy. No time, no time at all. So you just tuck them in between I'll let you do. Okay. Just tuck them in between and you just turn it in. Just tuck them in between and pull them into the directions you want them to go and the foliage gives it a sort of really great graphic quality as well. Yeah. Make it pop out. Very very simple and very easy. Very easy. See you got it. I did it! Exactly. I put up a flower arrangement together. Exactly! That is such a great tip too to put the vase, drop it right with it. In the gourd. Exactly, exactly. And you could add other little things along the sides. You could use artichokes like we have here. They could also go into this. Why don't you try setting an artichoke in? Wow, okay. Okay, so, yeah. Where would be the best place to put this? Like in between, right, where it's What we probably need to do is cut this for you, so you can slide that in a little bit more. Makes it look so easy. Yeah, right. So you could stack those in-between, you could stack a foliage, you could You could put some of this in? You could put some of that in, those are, and you know what, you don't have to be so Abundant we can just go like that. Right. So kinda make it look random but you've plan it. Exactly. [LAUGH]. So exactly. So. Wow. That looks gorgeous. Let's put a couple more in here. [BLANK_AUDIO]. Okay. Flowers had been [UNKNOWN] taking on more personality and little more characteristic. The graphic quality of it builds and builds and builds. Definitely, so this could be a great centerpiece. Yeah, it will be fun. It will be a lot of fun so let's move this off to the side and we can next talk about Well maybe if you want to do something that's more of a mixed garden, or mixed arrangement you could Yeah cuz what I've noticed there's a lot of trends right now whether it's for a bridal or it's just for you know home decor, are bouquets that kind of look random like you were just frolicking through the forest and you were sweeping up some twigs and branches and just kind of like Right. You know. Mixed them. Randomly place them within the bouquet. Exactly. So I'd love to kind of learn how to do that. Okay. [LAUGH]. Well then I tell you, why don't we jump to this one because that actually this [UNKNOWN] vase it always helps To have a [UNKNOWN] vase for that [UNKNOWN] arrangement. Now in this case I use Oasis foam, you can get it at any craft store, soak it overnight, it really has to soak in all the way through. Okay. It'll put a little piece of chicken wire over the top and tape it. You don't have to worry about how ugly it looks because you will hide it. You don't see it. You won't be seeing it at all. The next thing you want to think about with something like this is structure. You want to give it a line. We're not packing everything in really super tight. We're going to let it be natural, be [UNKNOWN] is a really good word to think of when you're thinking of this you're making a little sculpture. Okay. So one thing we could is take, this is [UNKNOWN] This is. Sorry, what is this? Licothawi. I know it's a bizarre name, but it's a garden plant. You can get it at a florist shop. You can also just get it from your garden if you happen to live in an area. But what you wanna do If you're outside of New York. Which one it is create a lines. You know we've just created lining. Right. That's across. You're gonna create a line going back this other way. And maybe the idea is that from every angle things are gonna be interesting and different. So. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay and actually I went out to my garden and trimmed some Azalea. So these are from your back yard? They are. Wow, awesome they came all the way from From Bridge Hampton. From Bridge Hampton. Yeah so [BLANK_AUDIO] I'll clip that a little bit more. And because it's from the season, things are starting to turn, giving you that great coloring. Right. And the cool thing about using flowers that are either from your backyard or from your neighborhood it gives kinda local feel as well. It does and it also doesn't look like is so store-bought. Right. It has personality and character to it. Okay. So, the next thing you wanna do is we wanna think about what's going to sort of visually wait. The orange one what is going to be the most interesting aspect of them I'm thinking about color here and I'm thinking probably about going to use all of these pinks and purples and Blend that together for our final look on that. Okay. So for fall, you shouldn't be afraid of using pinks? No, no. Cuz I think people think of pink as your spring color. Right, because these pinks aren't really very springish. They're really more of the autumnal season. Okay. So let's have the dahlias here. Let's Try a couple of these in here. Now with the dahlias, okay the dahlia's a big beautiful flower like that. Yeah these are beautiful. So a little bit of deep rusty burgundy. Yeah. But what we're gonna do is just. And I've been seeing this color a lot at fall weddings. Yes. Giving it kind of that goth. Right. Goth wedding vibe. [LAUGH] Exactly. If you're into that. But they are really beautiful. And then what we'll do it just sat in. Now is there any specific technique you're following here, just kind of randomly placing them? I'm placing them in fairly close to its centre. Because later we won't be able to [LAUGH] Right cuz it's gonna get too full that you won't be able to Right and you want to think in terms off odd numbers like three's and five's. Okay. So we've got our three here to the front, maybe we'll work in and you think about the view who's gonna sit here, who's gonna sit here, who's gonna sit here and back here. Right. So maybe That's a good point. Right so maybe this is going to Pop in right there, the other thing And so think of levels as well cuz you just placed this one really low. Yes, think in levels and also think of flowers having, certain flowers have faces if you will. True enough? [LAUGH] It's definitely smiling at me. It's looking at you exactly. So those will be looking at your guests. Okay. So you kind of want to manipulate them in a way so they're looking at You in that regard. Let's see, what else would be great? Why don't we add in a couple of the artichokes? Okay. So they're all so big, so- Yeah, they have very thick stems. They do. Yeah. And so this is, you wanna put them in early. Right. Before it gets too crowded. Too crowded. And you can shove it in there. Yeah. Yeah. So maybe this guy goes Right in here like that. Let's do another this one for the shoulder we pop it there. [BLANK_AUDIO] And maybe these two, we can dig in there. Again you are thinking of odd number, you put three in. Exactly. That is already starting to take shape. It's starting to get there isn't it? It has a life. We should think what else do we want to put in there and we thing about, These other colors and textures. Maybe those berries would be really nice. Wait, these- In that, yeah, exactly. These right here. So let's pull these out. Now for colors, are there a certain amount that you should stick to? How many colors is too many colors? I think you want an overall color scheme. But at the outset I was saying we're gonna do pink, but then what did I put in, is this dark red which is going to support these other colors so So you don't have to be afraid of mixing different complimentary colors. No, no. As long as they are complimentary. As long as they're complimentary. Right. You wouldn't put bright blue in the middle of that. No, that would be- [LAUGH] That would be disturbing. [LAUGH] Very disturbing. [LAUGH] Okay. So, in thinking them, as they grow on a shrub, you'll keep them in- Right. Sort of natural clusters Okay Yeah, it almost looks like they grew naturally beside these plants. Through the arrangement, exactly exactly. That's precisely what we want to do. [INAUDIBLE] No. I think we're good with that then. All right, then let's talk about, this is snowberry. Really really beautiful snowberry and I could definitely picture some of those in a bouquet for like an outdoor wedding. Wedding, yes. Maybe like a forest or rustic fall wedding would be really beautiful. Right so let's see what that does for us already there. [BLANK_AUDIO] So what are these again sorry they're snow? They're called snowberries. Snowberries okay and can you get those at a local market deli, grocery store? You can. Cool, I don't think I've ever seen them before. Yeah they They're really beautiful. Most are probably more from florist than from a Okay It's just you're going to keep in everything sort of naturally open and letting it breath. Yeah, and it looks so good from all angles. It does. which is really And it's different from all angles. Right So that's what makes it interesting. So your guests are getting a different experience. Exactly. Everywhere they're sitting. Exactly. So then what if we add in a few of these garden roses cuz everyone loves a garden rose. Mm-hm. Never met anyone who hates garden roses. [LAUGH] So these are great. Okay, so you can see how the relationship between the pink snowberry and the rose. Exactly. Goes together. Now you've brought it all together so it doesn't feel random. Right. Like there's just this pink flower sitting in the middle. Exactly. Yeah, it really all ties together. Okay, but you'll also notice that it's a slightly smaller size than the dahlia's. Mm hm. So it's gonna. We're gonna use it just sparingly. We don't want it to be, I think if we did, it would look, as you said, maybe a little too springy, so this is just as a supporting character, if you will. yeah, it's just give it that pop of color that makes lively exactly,exactly and keeping it from being to dark and somber too goth [LAUGH] exactly [LAUGH] we won't pretty goth [LAUGH] So what kind of event or party do you think this kind of bouquet would be perfect for. Gosh it would be beautiful at a, just a dinner party- Yeah. Whose home but you could also see it in a charity function- Uh-huh. Or anything that fall because I mean beautiful on a Velvet table cloth. Yeah. Black or deep chocolate brown table cloth would be excellent. So we have another garden rose here this sort of burgundy one okay? Yeah. That ties together beautifully with the snowberries as well. Exactly. It's a tonality that kind of bridges, they bridge the colors and sometimes you need that. And I think one of my fears of putting floral arrangements together is that I'm just, I'm doing too many things, like I'm putting too many colors, but you're really proving that as long as they tie together- Right so as long they're complimentary it'll work out really well. So then let's try this is a great flower, this is called Astrancha. Okay. And this is I happen to grow this in my garden but this particular one got through the flower market. Okay so these you can get various places? Yes. Okay. So again, you wanna think. We kinda wanna evoke a meadow or a walk in the woods, what have you, so. Yeah. We just add in that. And you wanna do things so that it breaks the line. You don't want it to be all too rounded. So as if it were an overgrown garden or a meadow. [BLANK_AUDIO] And these flowers just magically happen to appear. Right. If I keep going, we may not be able to use them on the center piece though [LAUGH], because it will be going. This is kind of getting to be a life of its own. Right, but it can be something really great on a mantle or a side piece. So we These this way so now we're gonna kick this out this way so that it Goes in all directions. It goes in all directions and pulls But you're still thinking about those lines? Yes you're thinking about those lines and keeping things more loose. Okay. And if you wanted could you do a smaller version of this? Sure. Like with a smaller base or You could. You would probably have to reduce some of these sizes we get a little bit large but the same color scheme, and the same textures would work really really well. So, we maybe add in Something like these wonderful heart shaped foliages. And that really gives it a fall vibe. It gives a real fall vibe and it just the texture Here is so interesting. So what is this again this plant right here that you're putting in now. I knew you'd ask me that just I'd forgotten exactly. [LAUGH] I don't know what it is. You're the expert. It's actually a flower from Australia so I don't know it super super well but it the heart shaped leaf on it Mm-hm. So you see, you don't have to know everything. You don't have to know everything. [LAUGH] It just has to work for you. That's all. Yeah. Okay. So then maybe it will be fun to add in [UNKNOWN] in to the arrangement again. The whole idea behind this kind of arrangement is almost the hairier the better you know? Yeah. [LAUGH] It Yeah I mean it's definitely debunking all of my previous myths or notions about how to put together Right. An arrangement. Because I think when you get flowers from a florist or you get flowers delivered to you, like at work or at home, you just feel it's like, this is so perfect, I couldn't do it. [LAUGH] Right. No, no, no, and that's the whole thing. Yeah. There are no wrong moves. We'll keep that up there. And it smells incredible. Yeah, it does. [LAUGH] I know that you guys at home can't smell it [LAUGH] but it's extremely fragrant and I would love to have this in my home. [LAUGH] That's one of those things too you wanna think about. What is a tactile experience for your guests? What do they What are they gonna walk away remembering and smelling from your event or your dinner and let's see, you see I sort of repositioned that because I thought well maybe this will be better over here. Right. So again So you don't forget about the guests on this side of the table. Exactly. So you can see a short order we kinda really taking up a lot of that. Theres no longer that view the ugly chicken wire down there. Right. Look at that. That so beautiful. Isn't just amazing? Can we maybe I don't know- Yeah. Please. But what flower is this? anemone anemone yeah this is the plum color so much depth to it right, but that's gonna be something it's gonna capture you guest attention really great mm-hm and they'll, I want you to put that right in there ooh it's my turn yeah I did it. Actually tell you what let me lower that just a tad. Yeah it's a little long there you go okay. There you go. Right there wow. Perfect. That looks really nice. Here we go let me just flip it. A little yeah cuz it was kind of going downward. There we go. Perfect. Just flip that around. Look how pretty that looks. You can see that really gives it something to We got something to look at and again. So we actually have user question. Okay. So one of our viewers Isaac wants to know how long will this last. Okay. After it's put together and due to water and yeah. Okay, so very good question. To start with, everything that you use. Needs to be cut and set into vases of water so that they drink super well. You don't wanna ever buy something and put it straight out of the package right into an arrangement because it's not had a chance to condition. So Sometimes, for an event, we'll buy our flowers up to a week in advance. We'll cut them in, condition them. Because, for instance, a rose, it takes a while for it to open. And then once it's open, we've got the benefit of having a walk-in cooler. Which, you don't always have that advantage. So I would say A day before you are gonna put an arrangement together, cut your material. Let it drink overnight. If you can keep it in a cool room, obviously if you're gonna have your dinner guests over Don't put it next to the fireplace necessarily [LAUGH] if that's gonna be roaring. But- Yeah, I actually have a horror story. No. Someone sent me flowers once and I put them on, and I didn't realize that the heat was on, and I put them by the radiator and they were just- Fried, yeah. Yeah. Completely wilted within hours- Yeah, you don't want to do that. And I felt horrible. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Right, but For the most part, you just want to keep them cool and make sure that they have plenty of water. But, to further answer the question. Something like this would last, if it's in a cool room, it would last a good four days, or more beyond, again, so. Nice. Yeah. So you can enjoy it beyond just. Your dinner party or whatever. Exactly, exactly. And maybe you want to recut it or trim certain flowers if they seem like they're having a bit problem. But main thing is do not be afraid of any of the flowers, you're not going to destroy them, you're not gonna kill them. [SOUND] And. You can if you want to. If you have the room on you table, you could add, this is [UNKNOWN] but you could add parts, this long vines. Now this. That's pretty. You could really let it coil around and then candles around there are really really beautiful. Right, specially if you have rectangular table with. Yes. I've always heard from event planners, a rectangular table really is the way to go. Because more people can speak to each other across the table, than a round table. Yeah. So I can see this living and breathing across a really nice rectangular table. They've actually done studies on that. Really? And you actually do have more conversations with people at a rectangular table. Round tables, people have a visual relationship from across the table but you don't really have the communication ability so. All good tips. Okay so what are, Yeah, so as you can see we can just drag this out even further Letting it sprawling down on your table further and further. Maybe you've got really beautiful Lavender or Purple candles you can slip in all around or Add other fruits and vegetables that you would like that egg plants little baby egg plants from the market would be beautiful in here and you could do a whole still life on the table with it. Yeah. That would be gorgeous. That would be really nice. Yeah so is this done? Are we finished? I think we're pretty much done, I think we'll finish this. I mean this might be a silly question but are you ever done, really, like you are? Yeah I know you are, you wanna step back but there comes a point. But when you're in your work, is there a point where you're just, I have to leave it because this is, yeah? [LAUGH] Yep, because you don't wanna overwork it. But you want it to you wanna just make sure that every angle you've yeah created something interesting for your, for your guest So, maybe we can spin this around ok we'll you know we didn't do this in [LAUGH] we're not done yet right>> you really, that's a trick question it was a trick question It was and then this might be a silly question but So say you have this beautiful arrangement, you have your party or event. Yes. And then you notice like some of the flowers start to wilt or not look so good anymore. Yeah. Can you take the good ones out of this arrangement? Sure. And put that Back into a vase? Sure, absolutely. Okay, you won't disrupt them from where they're living? No, they'll actually appreciate it. Okay. Yeah exactly. OKay that would be a great way to reuse the flowers. Yeah absolutely so you can take something like this and Condense it. Turn them into like a little night table arrangement something like that would be great. Okay spin it [LAUGH] Okay we're gonna give this a spin. All right I'll do it kinda slowly so everyone can see all angles here. It really is beautiful. I want to take it and put it in my home. (laugh) and you may! My gosh, I always go home with souvenirs. You can see how it looks completely different from every angel so your guests get a different visual experience. Beautiful. Great. Wonderful. Yeah. Are there any other flowers we wanna speak to? I think we haven't put you to task yet- No. As much as we should've. No. So I thought that maybe It'd be a good idea to give you, do you wanna try your hand at, let's take this little vase here on the end, the little bark vase. Okay. And you'll use your snips. So you don't cut yourself. I have some snippers here. All right, so in this case we're going to maybe use this more coral color palette here. Okay. Okay, so we'll use the peonies. Okay. Okay, so why don't you take one out, yep. Okay. And grab the other little vase there, the one with the rosehips and the Andromeda. Right, and you actually taught me something very interesting before we started that roses and apples are related. Are related, exactly. So These are rose hips so these are the fruit of the wild rugosa rose. So we can see they're actually they look kind of like little apples. So start with Lindsay I'll tell you what let's create a framework in this. Now you could have chicken wire in this we're not gonna give you chicken wire this time so you're going to you'll have to really work. But let's pull some of the andromeda out. You can pull the whole mess out there okay. Okay. So this is something like grows locally everyone has it has in their garden or you can buy it off course. Okay. And then take a part and lets reduce nips and cut it about right in there. So I just cut this. No. Close to where that Y. That's exactly. Okay. Just above. Just above. Yeah. Okay and then place them in maybe go crisscross. Yeah cuz what you're gonna do is. Is that too short? No it'll be fine. What you're gonna do is create a mechanic is what we call it to put in other flowers to make them equal. So this is like laying the framework for it like a house. You're laying the framework for it exactly. [LAUGH] Do a little more, maybe just some of these longer ones would be good. Don't be nervous. I know, I'm really nervous. I've never done something like this before. And so you're going. Is it this way? Yeah, exactly. Okay. Mm-hm. Do it again. You could use that piece. This one? Yeah. This one's really full. It's all right. Okay. Okay so now you've got your base I mean it already looks pretty, right? Yeah. So then why don't you let's try some pianies in there. Okay. Maybe you want to cut that a little shorter. A little shorter. [BLANK_AUDIO] Is that? Right. About right? Mm-hm. And then don't worry about the center, because the center you're gonna have to build up to. So you're gonna build from the side, so- I'm gonna put this over here. Perfect. So well done. Okay. [LAUGH] So why don't we start with Three of them, so grab another three. Okay. Another two rather. And about the same length? Maybe a little longer on this one. Okay. Let's try right here. Okay. And over here. Yeah, exactly. Nice. Okay. All right. And grab a third maybe that Yeah. Which everyone you. This tall one in here. Yeah, sure. Which ever [INAUDIBLE]. Okay. Now is this one like completely ready to go? It's opening up. It's opening up. Okay. So. When these arrive very often they're a little tight buds that are actually like [UNKNOWN]. Should I go here, over here? Why don't you try there. Over here? Okay. So that way they kind of relate to each other. Okay, great. It's already looking real pretty. All right, so let's grab some rose hips and stick in. And there might be thorns in there so be careful. Yeah, and you can pull this all. Right, I don't have to be so gentle. Yeah, you don't have to be. I don't want to hurt them. [LAUGH] Don't be afraid of them. Don't be afraid of them. They're so pretty. Here, I'll take a cut on this one. So, we're gonna set this one right. And there. Why don't you add in a couple more. [BLANK_AUDIO] Over here? Right, perfect. Right because we are doing the lines. Exactly the kriss cross. and then one more because we have three's. Sure, absolutely and now I think you can even pop that up there. I need a little more. Can I do two of them? Sure. Okay. Yeah, there's no, I should stop asking question. Yeah. Because there's no wrong way to do it. Right, exactly. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO] But have to be a perfectionist, though. Perfect. Okay. Okay. So then maybe you want to take the other bit of andromeda there. This? Yeah, exactly. Okay. And clip those free and then you can just place those in to kind of help round it out a bit. [BLANK_AUDIO] So like here. Perfect. And here and here? Perfect and we've got pomegranates down on the end. Wow, I didn't know- So you didn't know you're gonna have to work today. [LAUGH] No, this is very helpful. I think I'm gonna wake up this Saturday and I'm gonna go scoop up some flowers from the backyard I don't have. [LAUGH] Well, or go to the deli and if you If they don't have these at a deli that are on stems you can get just sticks and stick them in or if you're really up the creek with that you could stick a small salad fork in it and no one would know because you're gonna pop it in. That is a great hack. Go ahead. Maybe you want to- Stick one over here? It wants to live there. I think it does want to live here. It's telling me. It's talking to me. Yeah. Okay. It's gonna be a little heavy. Yeah, it is. Because we don't have the oasis. There we go. Yeah, to be fair. Yeah, okay. So, show the camera how that is and you can pop one in up there. Great actually let it be a little at the top. Yeah cuz they are heavy so kind of like plop in. Right so you need a little support for them. But essentially you're there and that's a great Fall. My first creation. Yeah. Congratulations. You did it. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I did it. You could add, if you wanted to, if you had smaller, I mean, it's still a little bit strong and overpowering. We could add something else if we, we don't have a great color scheme in the other flowers. But you can do a smaller rose You could do another [UNKNOWN] texture that could be pretty in here. And we're going to have the [UNKNOWN] but I just wanted to ask you a couple more questions one quickly. So I know that a lot of people after they, you know, make the arrangement, we did have a question how long does it last? Do you have any like hacks or techniques for like [UNKNOWN] flowers or preserving them. Sure. Afterwards cuz I know a lot of people like to do that especially [UNKNOWN] wedding flowers. Right. Special, sentimental. Well there's, there's simplest way to do To do it is just if you're talking about a bouquet, a bridal bouquet, hang it upside down in a closet or in an attic. Okay. Super dry, now what will happen is it will completely dry out so if that's not the look you're looking for there are professional Preservers and what they do is they take it. There's either silica gel which are silica sand that they dry them in. These anemones by the way are amazing when they're put into silica because they wind up looking like tissue paper and they retain their color which is great. Drying in the closet or attic You'll lose your color, but it'll all kind of stay together. Stay preserved. Another thing is, you can press some flowers, but you want to make sure that if you do that, that you can put it in a book. But you want to make sure that you're putting it on acid-free paper. Okay. By their side of it. Okay, cool. Okay? And then real quickly before we wrap. I just wanted to take a look at this bouquet and show this to our- Sure. Our viewers, because this would make a perfect fall. So say it's a country wedding and you don't want it to look like, the flowers were done in New York. So we collected. Phragmites grasses, we've brought out some eucalyptus leaves. We got this really kind of great goth calla lilies. Mm hm Put in some tulips that were sort of more seasonal colorful. You think tulips are spring but these colors are really definitely eternal And about these feathers. I was gonna say "are these feathers?" They're fossil feathers. Yeah That's awesome. That's really cool. I mean you could do anything to personalize your bouquets. Yeah, this is beautiful. Yeah. So, fall brides and so [LAUGH] Exactly, exactly Thank you so much for stopping in, I learned so much. You did really well. Thank you. I'm just, I'm gonna do it every weekend now. Okay. Wonderful. You inspired me. Wonderful. Well thank so much for joining us and if our viewers wanna learn more about [UNKNOWN] design where can they go? On website [UNKNOWN] .com, give us a call, we're here in New York. Perfect, well thanks for stopping in and thanks for watching. Thank you. See you guys later. Bye. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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