Want to Wear a Dark Vampy Lip This Fall? Get Step-By-Step Instructions On Perfecting the Look!


Bold bordeaux lips were all over the fall runways, and while we love the dramatic statement the look makes, we're always left wondering how to get the effect just right. How much lipstick is too much? Is a matte finish better than a glossy shine? Most importantly -- what do you wear to balance such a saturated color? "In general, it's nice to contrast the style of your lip with your clothes," said InStyle executive editor Amy Synnott. "So, if your outfit is very feminine, go with an edgy lip, and vice-versa." Using references from the runway and red carpet, we teamed up with Revlon to create a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how you can master the look. Get the full breakdown in the video above!

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[MUSIC] Dark burgundy lips were everywhere this season. We saw it in on the runway at Vera Wang, Zack Posen, and Philip Lim. The texture is matte as opposed to glossy, and it's easily achieved by matting the lips with a tissue or simply using a lip pencil. In general, it's nice to contrast the style of your lip with your clothes. So if your outfit is very feminine, go with more of an edgy lip, and vice versa. When you wear a bold lip, keep the rest of your makeup on the minimal side. You also want a nice even complexion. I'm applying Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup with a brush and then blending it out with the sponge, for a smooth, flawless look. The strong lip color can reveal any discoloration so blending it is super key. Before you add Revlon super lustrous lipstick exfoliate and moisturize. Then fill your entire lip in with liner to make the color last longer. The liner acts as a base, and it keeps the color from bleeding. Use a concealer on the outer area of your lip to correct any discoloration, or redness. For your eyes, add one coat of mascara, so your lips are the star of this look. [MUSIC]
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