Video: How to Get Perfect Bronze Skin


Spring is officially here, which means it's time for some color! But before you break out the bronzer, check out InStyle beauty director Amy Synnott-D'Annibale's tips and tricks for getting the perfect glow, inspired by the beachy looks seen on the runways at Michael Kors and L'Wren Scott. Sample advice: Dilute your sunless tanner with moisturizer to avoid streaks. Watch the full clip above.

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[MUSIC]. I always get the most questions about bronzer in the springtime. You're pale all winter and you are ready for some color. We saw the bronzy look at L'Wren Scott and Michael Kors. Starting with a base of sunless tanner is always a good idea. Women worry about looking streaky, but if you dilute it with your moisturizer, there's almost no way to screw it up. When choosing a bronzer, you wanna find one with the right amount of pigment for your skin tone. So if you're very fair, look for one that's on the lighter side, or medium-toned one if you have more olive skin, dark skin looks great with a very deep bronze or with just a touch of luminosity. Now matter what your skin tone is, make sure that you choose a formula that has just a little bit of shimmer. If you choose a bronzer that has too much glitter on it, you run the risk of looking like you've been hit in the face with a disco ball [MUSIC] To achieve the bronzy look it's important to first prep your skin. I applied Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer to smooth the skin for a nice, even canvas to bronze. I also used concealer under her eyes, and to cover any blemishes. When you add bronzer, sweep your brush across the cheekbones, forehead, chin, and bridge of the nose. Those are your natural sun-kissed areas. Finally, I layered a pop of pink blush on the apples of Marsha's cheeks, it prevents bronzer from looking muddy, and adds dimension to the face
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