You Can Do: Smoky Eyes

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[MUSIC] Smokey eyes aren't just for the fall and winter seasons anymore. They are a huge trend on the spring runways at shows like Armani, Alexander Wang, and Gucci. Smoky eye we're seeing now like less severe and intimidating. And there are a few ways to get the look. Don't be afraid to use color to really make your own eye color pop. Purples, greens, and browns are all great options that are a lot less scary than you think, but still make a statement. The key to pulling it off is do a gradation of the same color. Choose a darker tone at the lash line and diffuse the color as you work your way up. [MUSIC] The spring smokey eye is all about diffused depth. But before getting into applying shadow, it's important to prime the eyes for a lasting look. I use Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer plus Brightener on [INAUDIBLE] lid to keep the shadow in place and to prevent creasing. I also gently patted it under the eye to minimize the appearance of dark circles. To create this smokey eye, the trick is blending. I used the darkest color at the base of her lash, and then blended with the lighter shades as I worked my way up. The final touch, I applied mascara vertically to each lash. This gives lashes serious definition to add to the glamor. [MUSIC]
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