You Can Do: The New Cat Eye


Master the look with our insider tips and tricks


The new cat eye is everywhere this fall and we're seeing lots of interesting variations. From changing up the color to drawing a double or much thicker line, starting to rival the smoky eye as the go to look in Hollywood. The application isn't as complicated as it looks. One trick is to hold a credit card at an angle from the edge of your nose to the end of your brow. Then you can just draw the tail about a quarter of an inch out from your eye. [MUSIC] To create this season's cat eye, first prime the eye with concealer, and then apply a foundation to the face. Mata is wearing Revlon colorstay whipped creme makeup for smooth, all-day coverage. Next I trace marked its lids with a pencil. Keeping your eyes open I extended the line outward to create the perfect cat shape. I then sharpened that line with Revlon colorstay creme gel eyeliner in the same shade. Both liners are long lasting so you don't need to worry about touch ups or smudging. This is a sure fire way to get killer cat eye. [MUSIC]
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