You Can Do: Bouncy Blowout

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[MUSIC] Full bouncy hair had a big moment on the spring summer runway. We saw it at Versace and at Chloe. I call it beauty icon hair. Because every beauty icon in history has at some point worn this hair, because it's so incredibly flattering. The key is leaving a lot of volume at the crown. THere's just something incredibly flattering about that extra lift. You can add volume to your roots by sleeping with your hair piled on top of your head, or add a little dry shampoo, or a spritz of volumizing spray before you style. [MUSIC] You can achieve a bouncy blowout look without stepping into a salon. If your hair is fairly straight naturally, just let it air dry and take a shortcut by using hot rollers. Set the hair in about six to eight large curlers, and you'll get smooth soft hair with very little effort. The makeup I chose for this look is a classic smoky eye. I used Revlon Color stay Smoky Shadow Stick for all day wear. For a flawlessly blended eye, layer shadow and diffuse the color out and up. Finally, I added several coats of mascara for big glamorous lashes. [MUSIC]
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