You #AskKat: What's the Best Piece of Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You?


Mother knows best. It's a phrase you may have rolled your eyes at as a teenager, but chances are, as you've grown older you've realized that yes, mom was right. (And somewhere, a mother's heart swells with pride.)

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Now while most of our mothers aren't in the spotlight, advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger's mom happens to be, and basically, she is someone we can all learn from.

Maria Shriver is a woman known for her work as an Emmy-winning journalist, author of six best-selling books, and a staunch advocate for the less fortunate. Each year, The Shriver Report details issues facing women across all races and socio-economic statuses; she is a member of the board of the Special Olympics, which her mother, Eunice Kennedy (yes, of that Kennedy family) founded; and has worked tirelessly to highlight the struggle of families facing Alzheimer's, a disease her father, Sargent Shriver, battled with until his death in 2011.

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Now, in the latest #AskKat video above, daughter Katherine is sharing some of the life lessons her mother imparted to her over the course of her 25 years. "My mom has taught me so much throughout my whole life, and she continues to teach me so much more as I get older," Schwarzenegger says. "But, she's taught me a few key nuggets of wisdom that I will keep with me forever."

To find out what they are, watch the video above, then submit your own question for Kat on InStyle’s Facebook page, or on Twitter by tagging @KSchwarzenegger and @InStyle using the hashtag #AskKat. 

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Hi guys. I'm Katheryn Schwarzenegger and this is ask Kat where I'll be answering one ready question per week about food, fashion, and beauty and wellness. This week's reader question comes from Mary Elle and she asks via Facebook. Your mom is such a role model. What are the things she's taught you that you'll never forget. My mom has taught me so much throughout my whole life, and she continues to teach me so much more as I get older, but she's taught me a few key nuggets of wisdom that I will keep with me forever. And here they are. Always say excuse me when you're about to disagree with someone. When you come from a very big family like I do, it's very hard to agree with everyone's opinions, especially when you're sitting around a dinner table and trying to listen to everyone and get your word in as well. So, what my mom has taught me over the years, is to start with saying, excuse me. And then state your claim and be able to hear everyone's opinion matters. Whenever anyone walks in the room, you have to make sure to stand up. My mom has drilled this into our brains since we were younger. To always make sure and stand up out of respect when anyone enters the room. Especially if they're older than you. Make sure to always write a handwritten thank you note. Over the years, I have realized that this is definitely a lost art, but whenever anyone receives a handwritten thank you note it's always a very big deal and leaves a long lasting good impression on the person. Whenever you're having a conversation with someone make sure to look them directly in the eyes. This might seem like an obvious thing but you'd be very surprised how many people do not look you in the eye which is incredibly distracting. So make sure you keep direct eye contact when you're talking to someone. Check out every week for new episode of Ask Kat and make sure you submit your questions. Online via Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #askkat. We'll see you guys next week. [MUSIC]
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