You #AskKat: What's an Easy Hairstyle for When I'm Headed Out After Work?

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Welcome back to #AskKat, our new video advice column with author and blogger Katherine Schwarzenegger! This week's question comes from InStyle Facebook fan Kate Donovan, who asks: What's a cute way to wear my hair up when I'm going from work straight to a party? Kat, along with a helping hand from Sally Hershberger stylist Nancilee Santos, delivers a chic (and easy!) solution for that dilemma in the video above.

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Hi guys, I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger and this is Ask Kat for where I'll be answering one reader question per week. For this weeks reader question I have asked the amazing hair expert Nancy Lee to come and help us. This week's question comes from Kate Donovan via Facebook and she ask. What is a cute way to wear my hair up when I'm going from work straight to a party? So one of my favorite hair styles to do is a braided top knot. It's super easy, and you can achieve this look in under five minutes. You need a brush, elastic, bobby pins open or closed, and a little hair spray. I'm gonna use a little. Touch of spray just to give, make the hair a little dirtier, a little pissier and get a little more volume. And this is a great look because it's easy and pretty straight forward for anybody >. Yeah. Who doesn't know what they're doing with their hair. You can actually wear this hair at the office, and, or you can dressed it up, and wear it out at night. And you told me before that it was better. It's about my second day not washed. Yes, yes. So, don't have freshly washed hair here. Yes. [MUSIC] Now you want your ponytail to be as high as possible, you wanna high ponytail. I'm gonna go in and use my fingers and finger comb to give it a little bit of a messier undone look.' Kay I'm gonna take my bungee and put in my ponytail [MUSIC] I'm gonna spray a little bit of my texture spray of her hair. And this is to add a little messier look, right? Yeah. So this doesn't have to be perfectly done at all? It doesn't, actually, you can have it look more polished, more clean, but I think it's sexier when it's. Undone. We want the sexier look. We want the sexier look. So then, you're gonna start your braid, right? Three sections. You wanna keep a tight tension on the hair. Cuz you can always go back and pull it out. Add a little more texture spray and you can pull it out. To give it that messier look. And it makes it much less pressure filled [CROSSTALK]. Right. [LAUGH] Hair perfectly. That is true. So after your braid is completed, you're gonna take it and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. So Kat just put your head back for me real quick. [MUSIC] Now you're gonna have some ends that are sticking out. Mm-hm. You're just gonna take them and tuck them under the braid. Then you kind of just position it. Pull it, where you want it to be. So I'm just sticking a few more pins to secure it. And then I'm just gonna come in, just to fatten that out a little bit. Just pull it apart. And I even love it if some hair comes sticking out, it just, again gives it Sexier. Messier. Look. And you take the spray, a little hairspray. To polish it up if you would like. Or you can leave it as is. And that's it, guys. Easy, breezy, done in under five minutes. Thank you so much. I absolutely love it. And it's so easy and so straightforward. So there you have it guys. An easy hairdo to transition from work. To go out to dinner or a party. If you guys have any food, fashion, beauty or home decor questions make sure that you submit them online via social media using the #askKat. Thanks, guys, see you next week. [MUSIC]
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