You #AskKat: What Do I Need to Know Before Getting a Pet?

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Puppies: They're cuddly, cute, and playful. They're also a lot of responsibility, and often, in ways you never anticipated. (Forget those long leisurely brunches—not when there's a dog that needs to be walked, lest he relieve himself all over your carpet!)

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In this week's #AskKat, our advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger shares with InStyle reader Melissa the lessons she learned from adopting her dog Maverick. "What you really need to know is that once you get a dog, your life will never be the same, in a good way and also in a more challenging, need-to-plan-it-out way," she says.

So what, exactly, should you expect? Watch the video above to find out!

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[MUSIC] Hi guys, I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger and this is Ask Kat, and today we're gonna be talking about something that is very near and dear to my heart. All about dogs, so for this week's reader question. It comes from Melissa on Facebook and she asks your dog Maverick is so cure. I'm thinking about getting a dog. What do I need to know? Well Melissa. [LAUGH] What you really need to know is number one, once you get a dog, your life will never be the same in a good way. And also in a more challenging, need to plan out way. I absolutely love my dog, Maverick but I will say that you definitely have to over plan once you get a dog in your life. You have to think about who's gonna watch him, what you're gonna do with him when you go to work or when you wanna go out at night with your girlfriends. It's definitely a lot more planning ahead than I anticipated. Another thing you should know before getting a dog is really think about if you are ready for a dog at this point in your life. It's literally like having a baby. People told me that before I got a dog and I definitely was not thinking about getting a dog before I got Maverick. I was fostering dogs for a while and Maverick happened to end up in my lap. And I ended up keeping him. So I'm very happy about that, but it definitely takes a lot more work than I had anticipated. The last thing you should think about before getting a dog is remembering the fact that just because you think that your dog gets along with dogs around you, it doesn't mean that your dog's gonna get along with every dog it comes into contact with, or every human. I've noticed over time that Maverick is very. Protective when it comes to men entering my apartment. So he growls, he barks, which can be very scary for some people that I think he means well but it's definitely something to keep in mind when you're getting a dog. I always though though when I got a dog, that I would get a hypoallergenic non-shedding dog and that's not what I ended up with all. Maverick is amazing but he sheds everywhere. So that's also something to keep in consideration before you actually get a dog. I hope you guys found this advice helpful. And for more of my videos, check out Make sure to submit your questions online via Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag askcat. We'll see you guys next time. [MUSIC]
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