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Tis the season of holiday parties galore, where we may find ourselves attending a fete with a friend or significant other where we've never actually met the person welcoming us into their home.

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If you, like advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger, were raised to never show up to someone's house empty-handed, what exactly you should show up with in-hand in this situation can be a tricky endeavor. "Especially around the holiday season, when you're going to parties all the time, bringing something to someone's house is a very nice gesture and something they'll remember for a very long time," Schwarzenegger says. (Particularly if you're meeting someone—like, say—a potential future mother-in-law!)

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But just because it's a nice thing to do doesn't mean it's an easy thing to do. (If you think holiday shopping for loved ones is hard, try shopping for someone you don't know at all.) Luckily, Kat has some great ideas in the video above, like:

-- Mark & Graham monogrammed napkins
-- a Rifle Paper Co. calendar
-- a Sugarwish candy gift set
-- and a Sugar Paper notebooks and stationary set

Plus, she offers a few more great resources to check out that can set you apart from yet-another box of chocolates. For more, watch the video above, and submit your own question to Kat on InStyle‘s Facebook page, or on Twitter by tagging @KSchwarzeneggerand @InStyle using the hashtag #AskKat!

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Hey everyone. I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger and on this weeks episode of asscat we're gonna be talking about how to find the prefect hostess gift. this wee ks question comes from Ruby via Facebook and she asks. What are some unique ideas for gifts I can bring when going to someone's house. I was raised to never show up to someone's house empty-handed. Especially if you're meeting them for the first time. And especially around holiday season. We're going to parties all the time. And bringing something to someone's house is always a very nice gesture and often remembered for a very long time. So if you're going to someone's house who you've met before or you know their taste very well, you can always get them something more personal. Like cupcakes or something that you know they absolutely love. But it gets tricky when you go to someone's house that you absolutely do not know. So here are some ideas that will help you and guide you along the way through the holiday season. A great go-to gift when you rea going to someone's house for the first time are the Mark and Graham monogram napkin gift set. These are great gifts that anyone would appreciate, especially when they have their initials monogrammed on them. Another great gift to give someone would be the Rifle Paper and Co. calendar. These are really fun. They come in tons of different patterns, so you can choose which one you think would best be appropriate for the person's house that you're going to. When you're going to someone's house, it's always really fun to bring something sweet. So the Sugar Wish candy gift, that is a great option. It allows you to choose which candy and puts it in a nice little box where you can an assortment of different candies for the host. Another fun thing about the candy is arrives in a Tiffany blue box so it's always really pretty and presentable. Another gift and my personal favorite would be the sugar paper notebooks and the sugar paper stationary sets. These are things that absolutely everyone will be able to use, you can get the person's initial right on them, and it's very simple, easy, and also very affordable. When I go to parties with my family around the holiday season, my mom has gotten into the habit of always bringing a giant tub of popcorn. That's split into three in the center, so it has three different flavors of popcorn, which is always easy to please the hostess. That's always a great gift. Hopefully this will take some of the stress out of the holiday party season and be able to ease your mind when finding the perfect hostess gift. Another fun tip that I like to do is always keep candles or a bottle of wine on hand in case I have no time. Find another gift for someone. Make sure you guys tune in next week for another episode of Ask Kat. [MUSIC]
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