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With only 20 days left until Christmas, and just 13 days left until the start of Hanukkah, the holiday shopping scramble is soooo on. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a gift's special meaning for ease and speed.

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"For me, the most amazing gifts are the gifts that I can give people that I know give back to other people," says Katherine Schwarzenegger,'s advice columnist. And she has some great go-to picks to share with you this season in the video above: TOMS for Target throw blankets ($30 each;, which for every blanket purchased, gives a blanket, meal, or shoes to someone in need; the Aden + Anais Product Red Swaddle Set ($55;, which donates 100 percent of its profits to The Global Fund to fight AIDS; and Lauren Bush Lauren's FEED Friendship Pouch ($25;, where every purchase provides 10 meals to someone in need.

The self-professed animal lover has a favorite, however: Irina Victoria Jewelry's Wildlife necklace ($114;, which benefits the Wildlife Conservation Network. "I'll definitely be giving them to a lot of my girlfriends this year," she shares.

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And now, so will we!

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Hi guys. I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger, and this is #ask KAT. So around this time of year we are all looking for presents to get our friends and our family for the holidays. And for me the most amazing gifts are the gifts that I can give people that I know give back to other people and have a long life. So this weeks question comes from Elise via Facebook, and she asks. I want the gifts I give this year to have some meaning behind them. What are some of your favorite gifts to give that also support a worthy cause. So one of my favorite gifts that I will definitely be giving to a lot of my girlfriends this year are these nameplate necklaces that I love and i'm absolutely obsessed with. This one in particular says be kind on it which is an amazing message in itself. It's made by the designer Irina Victoria, and most of the proceeds of these necklaces go to the Wildlife Conservation Network. And they work to help endangered species and help prevent their ecosystems from dying out, which is amazing if you're an animal lover. Like me. So I'm definitely going to be giving these gifts out to a lot of people. Another gift to give out this holiday season are the Toms for Target throw sets. We all know Tins for having done the one for one model with their shoes and these blankets are very similar. Every blanket that you'll buy from Target, they will donate a blanket, a meal, or shoes to someone in need. So it's an amazing gift that will continuously give back. If you're a giving any gifts around this holiday season to someone who has a newborn baby. An amazing gift would be to give Aden and Anais Product Red Swaddle Set which is a swaddle set that was designed by Rachael Zoe. Gwen Stephani and Jessica Alba and it's also so amazing because 100% of the proceeds are donated to the global fund and that also means that this product will give a mother 12 days of medicine so she doesn't pass HIV onto her baby. I"m such a huge fan of Loren Bush's feed project and another great gift to give around this holiday season would be the new Feed 10 pouches. They're really, really cute and really great gifts. And for every product purchased, ten meals will be given to someone starving. I hope you guys found this list helpful. We'll see you guy next week on ask Kat. Happy shopping.
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