Yanic Truesdale Tests His Gilmore Girls Knowledge with the Ultimate Trivia Game

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On Gilmore Girls, Yanic Truesdale delivered countless snarky one-liners as the Dragonfly Inn’s resident grouchy French concierge. And with the series slated to return with four brand-new season-centric episodes on Netflix later this month, we decided to put Truesdale’s memory of Stars Hollow to the test when he recently stopped by InStyle’s HQ to chat all about the revival. From Michel's unforgettable quotes to the number of blueberries he prefers in his pancakes, we presented Truesdale with a series of character-specific questions that could trip up even the most loyal Gilmore Girls fan.

Press play on the video above to see how he fared, and be sure to quiz yourself along the way in order to make sure you’re in top fast-talking form for the show’s revival.

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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life launches on Netflix Nov. 25.


[MUSIC] Hi, everybody, it's Yanic Truesdale, I play Michel on Gilmore Girls. And you may have heard that the show is coming back on Netflix, and And the Opening Day is November 25th. I hope you'll watch and I hope you'll like it. [MUSIC] Paw-Paw and Chin-Chin. [NOISE] [MUSIC] Is it because they were like children or is it because they were eating the shoes? [NOISE] [LAUGH] [LAUGH] My god. It's so funny to [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH] That's funny. Okay, I didn't remember that. [MUSIC] The Dragonfly, right? Or the Dragonfly was the second one? The Independence Inn. [SOUND] Yeah. Yeah actually. It was in my first line in the first scene. Yes. Independence Inn, Michel speaking. That was the first line. [MUSIC] Well easy. Celine Dion. [SOUND] [MUSIC] A swan. [SOUND] [MUSIC]. [MUSIC] I want to say 12. Is that correct? [NOISE] Yeah? 12 yeah. [MUSIC] No [SOUND] [MUSIC] Yes, amazing. By they way, that came from a party where I was dancing my **** off. And Amy saw me so she was like, I'm gonna put him in a dance scene. The things we do when we're drunk. [MUSIC] Treat? [SOUND] No? Like a cookie and a raise. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Charlie Brown cartoon, the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoon. [NOISE] Well he didn't like French people but I don't remember why, what did he say? About it. Insufferable, by the way that's an episode I love when there's some French people, and he pretends that he's not French, but he has this really thick French accent, it's insane. He said he was from Texas. [MUSIC]
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