WTF?! Missy Elliott Returns With First Video In 7 Years


Missy Elliott has exploded back onto the music scene with a new video shot in her signature style.


WTF. [INAUDIBLE] How to do where you from. Missy Elliot just released the new music video for WTF or Where They From. By now Elliot has probably gotten ahold of your brain, flipped it and reversed it. Her creative genius shines through in the form of a dancing disco ball. Supported by a new generation of pint sized performers. Video looks familiar to fans of Elliot's past work. WTF seemingly signed XOXO gossip folks Missy. But despite similarities WTF is her first Solo music video in seven years. And get ready to resurrect your inner freak, because, according to Pharrell, Elliot in the studio, and we're all about to get our freak on again. Her mind, man, her mind. The way her mind works, like when we're in the studio, and just the things that she says and thinks about, and her video concepts. I didn't know that all those The video concepts were hers. Like that's.>> Oh really?>> Yes. I'm so proud of her, man. That's Virginia.>> Elliot also made a coaching cameo with Williams on this season on the Voice. She opened up about her passion for music that gives her all the feels.>> When I hear y'all sing it's with such feeling. You don't hear that. These days.>> These days, you hear Katy Perry. Elliot joined the pop superstar in a surprise Superbowl performance in February. It was then we learned more about why the rap phenom has been absent for so long. Elliot suffers from Grave's Disease and said she had to put her health first. Tweeting after her first public performance in several years. I cried because I've been thru so much but I'm still here & thru the grace of God & u the fans believing in me I love y'all. The Super Duper Fly Smash Maker hasn't released an album since 2005 but is taking steps to join the social media driven age. Elliot has finally joined us on Instagram and regularly Tweets motivational messages.
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