What Will Saoirse Ronan Wear to the Oscars? Watch Our Experts Debate

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Irish actress Saoirse Ronan came into the spotlight in 2007 after she received an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of Briony Tallis in Atonement. She then went on to appear in The Lovely Bones, Hanna, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. On top of her success in film, Ronan is set to make her Broadway debut this March playing Abigail Williams in a revival of The Crucible.

Ronan is a seasoned vet on the red carpet and has been seen in gowns from Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein. Recently, at the Golden Globes, Ronan turned heads in a white Saint Laurent gown with a dramatic cascading cape.

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Watch the video at the top to see InStyle's Fashion News Director Eric Wilson, co-founder of 151 Luwolt and Malone Souliers Roy Luwolt, and designer Misha Nonoo discuss what Ronan might wear on the red carpet this Sunday.


[MUSIC] Saoirse Ronan has really captured everyone's attention just because she's so adorable. I was actually in love with the dress that she wore for Michael Kors in the SAG Awards. That form fitting pink lace was youthful looking but it wasn't bare, which I think we're all a little bit tired of seeing bare midriffs on the red carpet Not that that's going to go away any time soon, but it's nice to so see so many young actors dressing in a more classic way. Yeah. Absolutely. I think she is, her look is so delicate. So ethereal, so feminine, it's interesting some of the looks that she's worn lately have been ivory, soft pink, soft blue, soft pastels. Again, speaking to that femininity I think she's probably a real wildcat. Brie Larson, she has all the purity in the world. She's just stepping out onto the stage and she's got an incredible platform to play with right now, but I would love to see her support young British design talent being that she's an Irish girl herself. I think she would be stunning if she wanted to go a little more classic in something like an Erdem, something that's floral or has ruffles, or something that's beaded. And then if she wanted to go a little bit more edgy, I think it could be incredible to do something that customs Simone Roche. I've always adored her. As a naturist whose age was really difficult to actually guess, simply because for some reason, she refers my memory often to Kate Blanchet, like an earlier, younger Kate Blanchet if you will, and they've got the same, it seems, and not to speak much as though I know the process, but very much Very particular imagine in the roles that they do take on and its funny because at the same time she does live that very same person after the fact always someone beyond her age wise beyond her years and all that And you can see that a lot in silhouette on the things that she actually does wear. Now I would really hope to see her in a little bit more of a fitted length. Yes, the length is great. I think it works perfectly for her. But I think and get a sense from her that she doesn't care for trend. She cares for personal style. So I'm actually thinking [UNKNOWN] as the main person that she may attempt. It's quite an interesting one therefore though if she were to play with the Italian designers, which is where I would go with that. I feel as though it would give her a bit more of an accent that she hasn't played with, which really still gives you a very steadily presentation. And I think she has more than earned it. Well, I'm gonna say the odds of that happening are pretty slim. [LAUGH] Yeah. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] But if you want to go fitted and British, how about Victoria Beckham? She's worn Victoria Beckham before. Yeah, she has worn Victoria Beckham. I don't know if Victoria Beckham in my mind, I don't think she's so va va voom. And I think if Victoria Beckham is being Just because of the way that she does it, I suppose it's more va-va-voom. I would agree. I don't see it. I just see- It's just a bit more like a beautiful fairy who floats along the red carpet. Yes, I see a rush to your point, actually. I mean yes, [INAUDIBLE] is quite unlikely. But at the same time if you were to go for something more island mainland, there is an option of [INAUDIBLE] wear but of course you still get all the rich embellishment but again still the length and a bit more fit. And I think that's precisely where I would go with that if Would wear that to have her branch out a little bit. But, and everything she's worn so far has been very much hers. It's just that it would have been nice for us to remember that, you know, she can play with it as she plays across different roles as as well. What do you think, Larry? I still like the idea of a British designer, and I think Victoria has changed the silhouette. She's actually brought a lot of evening into the collection starting with the pre-fall. So it's a possibility. But maybe. Stella McCartney would make sense in this case as well. Very youthful, very fun. Absolutely. [MUSIC]
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