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Though she started her career as a guest actress on various television shows, starlet Brie Larson is a full-fledged leading lady. In the past year, she has received widespread recognition for her role as Joy “Ma” Newsome in the film Room, as well as for her work in the hit comedy Trainwreck. For her performance in Room, Larson has received several awards such as a Golden Globe and a Critics Choice Award.

For a red carpet newbie, Larson definitely doesn’t play it safe. She wore a gold sequin Calvin Klein gown at the Golden Globes and a delicate baby blue Versace dress soon after at the SAG Awards. She has also been seen sporting gowns from other top designers, like a beaded number from Rodarte and an emerald silk style from Jason Wu.

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Watch the video at top to see InStyle's Fashion News Director Eric Wilson, co-founder of 151 Luwolt and Malone Souliers Roy Luwolt, and designer Misha Nonoo discuss what Larson might wear on the red carpet at the Oscars this Sunday.


[MUSIC] According to all the Oscar pundits, Brie Larson has this trophy locked up. She won the Globe, she won the SAG award. Now, has she won the fashion stacks? That's a whole nother question. She's a relative newcomer to the red carpet even though she's had a lot of incredible hits with. Major designers, you really quite don't know yet what she's going to wear. What do you think of her debut so far? You know, I've actually had the great pleasure of meeting Brie in person and dressing her very early on in her career and And she it the most charming, beguiling character and I think that really shows through in how she's making her decisions right now. I think that she's actually kind of, testing the water and seeing what fits. I don't know if she's necessarily found the perfect love yet, but I think that for example when she wore that beautiful red Calvin Klein halterneck column gown, that was a real highlight for me, and I think that she's so beautiful, and has incredible coloring that she can really, not only can she wear color But I think that she can take something she's tall, she can take something that is a little bit cleaner, she doesn't need all the bells and whistles. For me the Prada piece at the Met Gala that she wore with, just a little bit distracting. So I think the more classic that she goes the better. That's not the same And I didn't think she'd be amazing or something a bit more ethereal too actually, like I think she could really pull off a Chloe like a Stella McCartney too. She hasn't quite tried. Right, and do you like that Calvin Klein dress she wore to the Globe I did, I did it's interesting however, I would almost say because she's got a very classicist face and demeanor about her and I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her just yet of course but, I think she's one of the younger actress' that could easily sort of come across a bit older, in terms of the way she very gently presents herself. And isn't particularly excitable on the red carpet. And is merely a very restraint human when it comes to presentation. I think it's quite difficult to say at this point any further that she is a unappreciated actress, which I thought till this award season. But I think in the same way, I have to agree with Micha because I can't help it. But Micha is absolutely right. I think she is certainly one of those discovering herself. But you can also tell that she's discovering herself through herself not through stylists only. Which is a beautiful process because then we're going to look back a few years from now and go wow this woman has really become herself on the red carpets just beyond the movies. And I think what's so interesting is that the film that she's nominated for, her performance is so deeply disturbing. Absolutely. It's so Moving and emotional and I wonder if what she decides to actually go with in the end- May be rhythmic to this. May have some, it may be instrumental in terms of the actual performance. I agree. I think the Oscars venue calls for a more serious Fashion statement. Not so much of the young, the sexy that she's been going for so far. So my pick would be Tom Ford who, you know, when he creates his one look for one celebrity at the awards he really considers all of these elements and that kind of impact This is true. that's gonna make. What would you like to see happen? I would like to see her in a Stella McCartney or a Chloe. I'm rooting for Roxanne Assoulin all the way. I think, again, it's playful, it's young but also it's quite serious minded in that sort of context of a serious red carpet look. But the same time, it's a statement. [MUSIC]
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