Video: What to Eat to Lose Those Under-Eye Circles 

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If that pricey concealer just isn't cutting it anymore in disguising your dark circles, it might be time to make a change in your diet. Nutritionist and registered pharmacist Barbara Mendez is here on video to get to the bottom of what foods might be making you look tired, and how to eliminate them from your diet.

Mendez says that foods you have trouble digesting may be showing up as dark circles under your eyes. Those you should pay the most attention to are wheat, sugar, and dairy. “The way to know which food might be most problematic for you is to look at your diet and make an assessment on which one you eat the most of.”

Luckily, there’s a lot of readily available alternatives. If you need to cut-down on wheat, substitute standard pasta for gluten-free noodles made from rice or quinoa. For a dairy issue, coconut and almond milk are great milk alternatives, and you can swap in cheese made from nuts. Although sugar can be difficult to resist, start by eliminating the usual suspects, like candy and cookies, and indulge in a piece of dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Mendez recommends trying these elimination diets for a minimum of two weeks for best results, and if you don’t see the improvement you desire, try eliminating all three ingredients for a two-week trial and see if that brightens up your under-eyes.

Press play on the video above for Mendez's complete tips.


[MUSIC] Hi, this is Barbara Mendez from Barbara Mendez and Nutrition. And today, I'm gonna show with you tips on how to remove those dark circles from under your eyes. If you spent a lot of money on concealers trying to eliminate that dark circle under your eyes. And what might you wanna be first thinking about is how do eliminate certain foods from your diet that might be causing those dark circles. Not fatal allergies so nothing that would give you a hive for just something that you might not be digesting that well that might be showing up his dark circles The foods you wanna be looking at are the common allergens. So these foods are things like wheat, dairy, sugar. And then after that soy, corn, peanuts and eggs. A way to know which might be the most problematic with you is to look at your diet and make assessment and find out which one you eat the most of. So if you crave a lot of bread and a lot of pasta, wheat might be a problem. If you crave a lot of cheese and milk and yogurt then dairy might be the issue. If you eat a lot of candy and cookies then that might be a sugar problem. Those three are usually the ones that are the culprit. So you really wanna start with those. If you don't get the results you want after that then you go on to the rest of the list. But let's look at those three and see what you can do to include alternatives so that you don't feel deprived. Thankfully, we live in a world where there's lots of alternatives to these foods, because there are many people out there experimenting with these diets because they found that it helps them in so many ways enhance the quality of their life. So if you find that wheat is your issue, and you really know that you need to make a change, you can get gluten free pasta. So things like rice pasta, quinoa pasta, these are all readily available. You can also get gluten free breads, Gluten free crackers, pretzels, so there's a lot of variety out there right now so that you don't feel deprived when you're making this shift. If dairy is your issue, there's also a lot of alternatives available. Things like coconut and almond milk. Also coconut and almond milk yogurt. So you have variety there. There are also some nut cheeses you can get if you go to a nice, upscale, Organic market, that are cheeses that are made from nuts, and they are delicious. So that would be another option for you. If sugar is your issue, that's a little bit more problematic. But what you wanna start out with is just eliminate, The most common sugars, things like cookies, cakes, and candies, and if you need to satisfy your sweet cravings, do it with a piece of dark chocolate. There's lots of antioxidants in dark chocolate, it's really good for your skin, it's really good for your body in general. You want to try these elimination diets for a minimum of two weeks so that you have an opportunity to see how well they work for you. If you find that in eliminating just wheat you didn't get the results that you're looking for then you might want to go ahead and just do all three at the same time. Give that a two week trial and then see where you're at. This is a very powerful way to enhance your looks and remove those dark circles. [MUSIC]
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