VlDEO: Control Your Sweet Tooth with These Healthy Foods


We’ve all been there: It’s the middle of the afternoon and you’re in need of a snack, but instead of reaching for a piece of fruit, you grab a bag of candy. Luckily, nutritionist and registered pharmacist, Barbara Mendez is here on video to give suggestions on what foods to eat to kick unhealthy cravings.

“If you struggle with your cravings and it’s keeping you from losing weight and getting a handle on your eating, you have to understand first that that’s a sign of an unstable blood sugar," says Mendez. "Before you address your cravings and manage your diet, you have to first look at what’s destabilizing your blood sugar, and change some things around in order to get it back on track so you can naturally reduce your cravings organically.”

Breakfast, is the most important meal of the day when it comes to curbing the urge to indulge your sweet tooth. If you’re starting off the morning with cereal or a muffin, you’re setting yourself up for a day full of yearnings for unhealthy foods. Instead, Mendez recommends opting for oatmeal with cinnamon or a veggie-filled omelet to rev up and energize your metabolism.

The all-important afternoon snack is the second time of day that’s crucial for making good food choices. She suggests opting for an apple with almond butter in lieu of the free cookies found in your office to keep you full longer.

Once you’ve mastered maintaining your cravings in the morning and afternoon, take your diet to the next level by looking at other helpful foods you can add into your diet. A few of Mendez’s suggestions include nuts and seeds with healthy, brain-nourishing fats, omega-3 packed salmon, and fiber-rich beans and leafy greens.

Press play on the video above to find out what to add and subtract from your diet to completely stop pesky cravings now.


[MUSIC] Hi this is Barbara Mendez from Barbara Mendez Nutrition, and today I'm going to be sharing with you habits that you can be including in your life to help control your cravings. [MUSIC] So if you struggle with your cravings Keeping you from losing weight and getting a handle on your eating. You have to understand first that that's a sign of an unstable blood sugar. So before you address your cravings and manage your diet, you have to first look at what's destabilizing your blood sugar and change some things around. In order to get it back on track so that you can naturally reduce your cravings organically. So if it's your habit to start your day with a bowl of cereal or a muffin on the fly, then right there, that's the first choice you've made that's gonna make you have cravings the rest of the day. So you want to take a real good look at breakfast and change it up to help control your cravings. The best thing that you could do is start your day with an omelette, so a nice veggie omelette. Lots of vegetables good eggs. That's going to help you feel less of an appetite, less cravings throughout the day. Give you more energy and also burn fat. If you are concerned eating eggs every single day then your second best option is a nice bowl of oatmeal and add Cinnamon. Cinnamon helps to stabilize your blood sugar. It also revs up your metabolism. So eggs would be your best choice, but your second best choice would be some oatmeal, and add cinnamon to it to stabilize your blood sugar so you don't have cravings later on. While changing breakfast is vitally important to get your cravings under control, the second most important time frame would be your 4 o'clock snack. So many people just grab a cookie or some candy in their office because they have nothing else to snack on. Instead have an apple with almond butter. The apple will satisfy any sweet craving you might have and the almond butter will stabilize that insulin response that the apple will generate and allow you to feel full longer and also keep those cravings under control. Once you have breakfast and your 4:00 snack under control. Then you want to take a lot at other foods that can be included to help control your cravings. A great place to start is to bring nuts and seeds into your office, into your home, and snack on those. They contain great fats that help to nourish your brain, helping to support healthy brain chemistry. So often when we're stressed or anxious, because of unbalanced brain chemistry that leads to a lot of emotional cravings and [UNKNOWN] creating, but by having [UNKNOWN] on hand, that stabilizes that, and helps control that response. What would also help in a similar way, is having omega 3 fats, like you would find in Salmon. So, including Salmon in your diet two to three times a week is another great way to support healthy brain chemistry to help control cravings. So, I mentioned cinnamon earlier, and that is a Really important spice to include in your diet, so you can add it to your oatmeal if you do have it for breakfast, but here are other ways you can include it in your diet. Add it to your coffee. If you drink coffee in the morning, throw some in there. Add it to your sweet potatoes. This is a great way to stabilize your blood pressure straight out of the gate in the morning, and you will find the rest of the day is much easier to control your sugar craving. [UNKNOWN] should also be including in your diet are things that are high in fiber. So things like beans or dark green leafy vegetables have so much fibers that they lend themselves to a sense of satiety. They make you feel full and keep you full for a long period of time. They also support healthy brain chemistry. And a lot of our craving again come from. Stress and anxiety that destabilizes our brain, leading us to eat things that quickly recalibrates our brain chemistry. But including these foods will help support healthy serotonin and help you control your cravings. [MUSIC]
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