What Is Sexy Hair?

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Celebrity hairstylists weigh in on what's hottest right now on the red carpet and in the real world.


[MUSIC] I define sexy hair as how an individual feels about the way that she looks. And, how I define it in my salon, and how I define it with the celebrities that I work on is how they're feeling at the moment because I think the moment really dictates how a woman feels sexy or not. So it can be in a haircut. It can be in a hairstyle. It can be the way that the hair moves and the texture. I think all of those things play a huge part in that. The sex hair define in terms of a shape [MUSIC] Also the length and the thickness and of course in the way that is the style. Short hair is sexy right at the moment. I think that all the girls that I work with the sexiest would be Annie Hathaway because it's at the shoulder length, it's not too long. [MUSIC] It's not extra long, it's not a shape that I think that when you think about fashion and how fashion is currently, I think designers are designing for girls that have shorter hair rather than long hair. [MUSIC]
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