Weatherproof Your Hair

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Stylist Kim Kimble gives you frizz-fighting tips to protect your hair from humidity.


[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Kim Kimble. And I can't tell you how many times I have fallen victim to working on my clients in humid weather. The challenge of the day is to keep the frizz out of Tay's hair. Tip number 1, curl it. If you curl your hair, you have a better chance of it looking good. If you wear it straight, it will just frizz. So, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna curl Tay's hair. And then after I curl it, I'm gonna stick a clip in there, to hold it in place until the hair cools. Because if you let the hair cool, it will lock the curl in better. Tip, number 2. Always carry a bottle of shine serum in your bag. You need this to help protect your hair from humid weather. You need about two little squirts. Then I'm gonna emulsify it in the palms of my hand to help spread the product evenly. I'm gonna rub it through her hair making sure I get it from roots to ends. Massage it all the way through, you wanna make sure it gets everywhere. The shine serum is going to help seal the cuticle and protect it from all the moisture out there in humid weather. Okay Tay, we've curled your hair. We put shine serum in your hair. And if all of else fails. We putting it up. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just take my fingers and finger comb through her hair because I want to be loose and for the hair to have some texture. Gather all the hair as if I'm gonna put it in a ponytail. I would like some nice volume on the top and texture so I'm running my fingers through the top, but not pulling it too tight. Then I'm gonna take the hair and I'm gonna twist it very loosely. Twist it up and then I'm gonna take this clip and I'm gonna take it, put it into the hair, and snap it shut. Now, I'm going to go in with a little bit of wax stick. Okay, and then I'm gonna just lay some of these fly-aways down. And now to finish it off, I'm going to take a little hair spray and give it my finishing touches. Okay ladies, rainy days does not always mean bad hair days. So remember when all else fails, put it up. [MUSIC]
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