We Are Your Friends - Official Trailer [HD]

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We Are Your Friends - Official Trailer [HD]


[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Study halls, SATs, Liberal Arts, student loans, lay offs. Bail outs, broken dreams. This is not our future. Things are different for us. You can intent an app, start a blog, sell things online. My friends and I, we promote parties. Bring your friends. If they look like you bring them all. But if you're a DJ all you need is a laptop, some talent, and one track. That track is your ticket to everything. That guy right there? See that handsome man right there? He's D.J. I'm D.J. Just a [UNKNOWN]. Can you play Drunk in Love? Absolutely not. I just read about this guy, right, who invented Instagram? He sold it for $400 million. Now he was 26 years old. You guys want to make real money? You want to live and die in the valley. We gotta get out of here. Hey you know this party is looking a little stiff. So what are you saying? We need to amp it up? I mean, you can try. [MUSIC] It's the DJ's job to get the crowd out of their heads and into their bodies. I like to start them off at about 125 beats per minute. Once you've locked onto their heart rate, start bringing them up song by song. [MUSIC] 128 beats per minute, that's the magic number. You were good out there. You really know how to work a crowd. Play me something. [MUSIC] I'm just gonna skip ahead. [MUSIC] Whenever you guys are ready to start making some real loot, you need to holler at me. If you think I'm going to work for that guy, you're out of your mind. This is our future. No. [UNKNOWN] Are we ever gonna be better than this? James thinks you're really talented. [MUSIC] Any successful artist, they have this moment when they start being an admirer, and they find their signature. Sounds have soul. Build them from scratch. Find new ones. [SOUND] Get your head out of that laptop and start listening what the real world is trying to tell you. [MUSIC] We don't need them. We got our own thing. It doesn't work like that. We're not going to be millionaires. It's not going to happen. What happened to loyalty? What? I'm not loyal now? Everybody is responsible for themselves. You got that? [MUSIC] If you have a dream and it's made of everything that's made you. Hardship, friendship, so much love. That's your ticket to everything. This is my future. This is going to be the best. The best. Best. Night. Of. Your. Life. [MUSIC] What's up. I'm Cole Carter. We are your friends. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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