Watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Get Wild in the Full Sisters Trailer

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The first full trailer for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's new comedy Sisters is out—and it's a little wild and darn funny.

In the preview for the movie, which comes out this Christmas, we see that Poehler and Fey are somewhat disconnected sisters—they look nothing alike, but we'll let that slide for these gals—who reunite because their parents are selling their childhood home. The two siblings are tasked with cleaning out their bedrooms by Mom and Dad (portrayed by Diane Weist and James Brolin) but the dynamic duo decide to throw an epic final house party. We see the girls flirt with the cute neighbor (The Mindy Project's Ike Barinholtz), try to find an appropriate outfit for the crazy festivities, and meet up with an old friend who is played by fellow funny lady Maya Rudolph. The film is helmed by Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore and hits theaters Dec. 18.

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You are definitely going to want to grab your sister—or anyone who likes to laugh—for this one! Watch the trailer by clicking on the video at top.

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Hey girls! Hey! How was sister reunion? What's your deal. I've been having a lot of fun. I don't need lotion in there. Shh, yeah, you do need lotion in there. Whoo! We are looking for and yard This artist in to do some work on our bushes. I bet working on other people's bushes makes you really want to whack your weed. That was dirtier than I thought. I'm sorry. That got dirty really fast. No! Mom and dad sold our childhood home. This should have been passed on. All we need you to do is clean out your bedroom. Oh my. This is damn Shame that you never had your night here. We cannot have a party. You've been divorced two years. You can't avoid putting yourself out there forever. Do not work me like this. We have so much to do. You have to invite that cute guy from down the street. Hi. Hi. I'm Maura. I'm James. I just wanted to say hi. So that's done. Oh. [MUSIC] Yeah. it's a lot of underteet, but I think I'm getting away with it. it's on backwards. I don't get this dress. Both of my apples keep rolling out of the bag. I like the story it tells with the fringe. Oh. here we go. I can say Why? Will you not drink tonight, so I can let my freak flag fly? I would love to. [MUSIC] I heard you were having a party from someone who got invited. That's pretty sad. That's a snazzy belt. Well thank you! Yeah, congrats on your wrestling championship. [MUSIC] We need to say goodbye to this house. But we sure had fun here. You're the type of badass that I'm susceptible to. My safe word is keep going. [MUSIC] Everyone start cleaning up the area where they're standing. [NOISE] Did you fall on something sharp? Yeah. [MUSIC] It's my ballerina music box. It really is a beautiful melody. [MUSIC] And we're done, nope. [MUSIC]
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