Watch a Sneak Peek of Gemma and Ophelia's Face-Off from Sunday's The Royals

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On next week's episode of The Royals, the claws are coming out—and we're not even referring to the palace's resident badass, Princess Eleanor. Instead, this cat fight is going down between two of Prince Liam's leading ladies: his girlfriend, Ophelia, and his ex, Gemma. While the two have remained civil until now, it looks like they're about to go to war over the prince—who seems to have gone MIA after last week's paternity shocker revealed that he may not have any claim to the throne after all.

In this exclusive first look at the episode, the tables are turned as Gemma reveals a softer side and Ophelia suddenly doesn't seem so sweet. Watch the clip above, and tune in to E!, this Sunday, May 10 at 10 p.m. ET to see how all the drama unfolds.

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[MUSIC] Jenna, hi. Are you looking for Liam? I have an audience with the Queen. You? I'm looking for Liam. Have you spoken with him? No. I should go. The Queen doesn't like to wait. Jenna, if you see Liam, or, or, hear from him, will you ask him to call me? No. I won't. Great. Thanks. That's very telling, though. Liam's suddenly not the heir to the throne and you move on. Maybe you'll sleep with Cyrus. I didn't say I've moved on from Liam. You said that. [MUSIC] I said I wouldn't ask him to call you, because I won't. [MUSIC] I stood by and let you have your moment with him. I let your romance be whatever it was going to be. And for a girl in my position, I was fairly gracious about it all. How many times Have you called him or texted him or sent word to him through Marcus or your father since the King was attacked and how many times has he replied. He's moved on, just as he did with all the others. Eventually, he'll call me. Because he always does. And when he does, I will tell him nothing of your concern. Why would I? You had your chance, you took your [UNKNOWN]. And when you did, how relevant were my feelings to you? And now you know. [INAUDIBLE] I'm trying to find him because I'm concerned about him. I'm worried that his world has just been destroyed, and he's alone. Maybe you can sit back and wait for him to call you, but I can't, and I won't. Not for me, for him. [MUSIC] If that's your story. [MUSIC]
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