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After months of tallying, interviewing, and testing, the 21st annual Best Beauty Buys is here! What makes our beauty awards so unique? We survey over a hundred beauty pros, from hairstylists to dermatologists, and then spend hours on the phone discussing the reasons behind their product picks. While we’ve packed our May issue with their amazing tips and stellar advice, we thought we’d take the experience to the next level. Introducing our 2016 Best Beauty Buys Pro Videos! In each clip you’ll hear multiple pros not only share why they love our winning products, but all the ways to use them.

If you’ve ever tried to milk your blowout past the four day mark, chances are you’ve got a dry shampoo in your arsenal. But do you know exactly how to mist and distribute it to get the freshest, bounciest results? Check out these video tips from our Best Beauty Buys panelist to style like a pro. And if you’re currently pinning Olivia Palermo looks on your "Hair Inspo” Pinterest board, you’ll love hearing stylist Lacy Redway explain how she uses our winning pomade to create a frizz free finish. Score loads more tricks in these clips featuring our 2016 Best Beauty Buys hairstylists, including Gabrielle Corney, Luis Guillermo, Chris Lospalutto, Carla Gentry Osario, Lacy Redway, and Gregorio Ruggieri. Check out all of our videos here!


[MUSIC] I love the Klorane Dry Shampoo because it's so versatile. You can use it on straight hair, thick hair, fine hair, and curly hair, believe it or not. Best used after the gym or in-between shampoos. Or even when you wanna just. Give your hair a little bit of boost at the end of the day after your hair has fallen flat. I use it on my clients to build volume in the hair. It can also be used to get rid of some of the oil in between shampoos. You can really target areas like your bangs, your hairline. Underneath when you get sweaty hair You hold the bottle up you gonna hold it like a little bit further like arms length and then lift up and really get that in the roots. Take some of the hair open it up hit the root drop it Hit the root again in another section, and then give it a minute, 30 seconds 45, just give it a minute to sort of absorb. And then go in with your fingers and shake it out, flip your head upside-down and shake it out. And voila, it gets more like [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC]
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