Watch Our 1-Minute Review of Burberry Prorsum’s Fall #LFW Show


InStyle‘s Fashion News Director Eric Wilson and Senior Market Editor/Digital Correspondent Dana Avidan-Cohn give you an exclusive look inside Burberry's London Fashion Week show.


This is Back of the Cab London edition. We just came from the Burberry Show. Such a big beautiful show I thought. I thought so too. Let's check out what Christopher Bailey is up to. [MUSIC] Alright, tell us what you thought of the Burberry show. I, I really thought it was fantastic and fun. I loved the collars. I loved the jewel tones, the clays, all those layering of scarves on top of coats. But but what I thought really was interesting was all the hand painted coats at the beginning. What do you think those are about? Those were so beautiful. Actually, they were all, hand done for the show. And then when you order a piece, they're gonna be custom painted for you so no piece will be exactly the, the same, which is a nice unique detail. Oh that's so Burberry. They love doing this crazy sort of things. It is. Yeah. It's so over the top. I mean, it's really special. Is that why the models at the end were all wearing ponchos? Well the ponchos, actually, were a gift. Christopher Bailey had them monogrammed and then he gave them to all the models to take after the show. They were all outside in them, it was really cute. So can a customer do that? I don't know actually, I'd like a monogram concept. [LAUGH] Cool. And that was Back in the Cab, live from London Fashion Week Burberry show, see you next time, this is D.A.C. And E.D.W. Bye.
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