Watch: This InStyle Editor's Elegant Wedding Included 15,000 White Rose Petals


When InStyle's Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-Large Kahlana Barfield Brown started planning her Brooklyn wedding, she knew she wanted a "clean and elegant décor." Naturally, flowers played a huge part in setting up the mood for the black-tie event. Barfield Brown's florist, Karen Oliver, explains that it took months to plan the floral arrangements for the "elegant, but fun black-tie soirée." She ultimately decided to use long-stemmed white roses—1,600 of them, to be exact.

"White is quintessential 'elegant wedding' so the selection of the white roses played a key part in it," Oliver says. The result was nothing short of breathtaking: 15,000 rose petals bordered the guests' chairs and the wedding aisle the couple walked down. Watch the video above to find out more about the floral design at Barfield Brown's big day.


[MUSIC] I'm Kahlana Barfield Brown, an editor at InStyle. Welcome to my wedding. Planning a wedding of this size, particularly, takes months and months of exquisite, detailed planning. I couldn't have done it without my great team. I knew Kahlana's vision of the wedding, and Dwayne's too was to be beautiful but fun. Of course elegant—it's a black -ie soiree, so we wanted the flowers really to speak to that. OK? So there you go. There's our first prototype. So that sort of set the stage in terms of the kind of flowers that we were going to create for Kahlana and Dwayne's wedding. That's a tiny bit high. That one, in the middle. Tonight when everybody comes in the for the reception, this place is gonna be a blaze of candlelight, which—everybody looks beautiful in candlelight. White, of course, is quintessential "elegant wedding." So the selection of the white roses played a key part in it. When we're all done, there will actually be 1,600 long stem white roses in this room, and 15,000 rose petals which will border the chairs and create the wedding aisle that Dwayne and Kahlana will walk down this evening. [MUSIC]
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