Watch Julia Roberts Channel a Badass FBI Agent in the Secret in Their Eyes Trailer

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It goes without saying that Julia Roberts is gorgeous, but the actress is far from just a pretty woman in her latest flick, Secret in Their Eyes. In one of her most emotional roles since August: Osage County, the Oscar-winning actress takes on the role of an FBI agent seeking revenge for the murder of her daughter.

In the just-released trailer (above), Roberts appears to confidently open the hatchet for her next crime-ridden case only to quickly discover that the unfortunate victim is her closest family member. The minutes-long clip soon unravels into an frenzied manhunt for the killer alongside Academy Award–nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor, who, as we learn from the trailer, tries to prevent Robert’s character from taking the matter into her own hands and illegal territory.

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Written and directed by Billy Ray (Captain Phillips, The Hunger Games), the film boasts an all-star cast that also includes Nicole Kidman. As Robert’s co-star, she takes on the somewhat antagonistic role of a hard-to-break district attorney who can ultimately determine whether the murder case has to be revisited. The film is an adaptation of Argentinean film director Juan José Campanella​’s El Secreto De Sus Ojos and is based on a novel by Eduardo Sacheri. Secret in Their Eyes hits theaters Oct. 23.

Watch the first trailer by clicking on the video at top.

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You know, you could just ask her out. The beauty from Harvard Law. The blue-collar fed from the wrong side of Brooklyn. Don't be a ****. [LAUGH] Let's go. LAPD just found an unidentified female body in a garage dumpster. What are we doing here, guys? Body appears to have been bleached inside and out. [MUSIC] Ray, what is it? It's Caroline, it's your daughter. What? It's mama, it's mama. [INAUDIBLE] This isn't the guy. Death penalty. It'd be too good for him. That guy, I can't have you question him. You're letting him go, aren't you? I'm sorry. He's guilty. We can't just let him walk. [MUSIC] I'm going to get him, no matter what it takes. Ray. Jess. I found him. How did you find him? Online. Six hundred Ninety-six thousand caucasian males in the US prison system, and you can cycle through the entire population in a year if you look at 1906 faces every night, so I did. For a year? For 13 years.>> Reopen the case. We've had multiple leads. They've all been false alarms. And it just dies a little bit every single time. You don't have the stomach to watch him walk away again. Maybe we got about this a little less officially. No. Ray, justice. I owe my daughter that. We gotta. The finest guy before cast us. [MUSIC] My daughter. Blood, the thing that made me, me. Nothing will ever change that. She's not going to stop. He can quit his job. He can change his name. He can dump his car, but I will still find him. [MUSIC]
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