Watch Jennifer Aniston Play a Sexy Psychiatrist In the Trailer for She's Funny That Way


Jennifer Aniston is dishing out sound (and hilarious) advice in the trailer for her upcoming film She's Funny That Way, and we can't help but laugh at all of the star's witty quips.

The comedy tells the story of Arnold (Owen Wilson), a married Broadway director who happens to fall for Izzy (Imogen Poots), a prostitute-turned-actress who lands an audition for the lead role in his latest play—Aniston plays Jane, a psychiatrist who counsels the confused aspiring star.

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"Are there any up sides to this job?" Aniston's character asks Izzy in a therapy session about why she chose to become a hooker. "There are plenty of ups," she replies. Aniston's response? "Well, that's disgusting."

Directed by Peter Bogdanovich, the flick premiered last August at the Venice Film Festival and also stars Quentin Tarantino, Will Forte, Kathyrn Hahn, and Rhys Ifans. Be sure to catch She's Funny That Way when it hits theaters on May 1.

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[MUSIC] That's comforting to know that my director is close by. Do you want some dinner? no, I'm so worn out. Better to go just straight to bed. How are you? Good. I just do this to support my acting. Are there any up-sides to this job? There were plenty of ups. Well that's disgusting. If you promise me that you'll never do this again, I'll give you $30,000. Blows my mind. You know [LAUGH] You don't joke in therapy. [MUSIC] I got an audition for you- I'm thrilled! What's like what's the character? She's a ****. A ****? Yeah! [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] That's kinda funny. This is Isabella Patterson. She's not right. I think she looks great for it. Tell me why you don't like her. I'm under a great deal of pressure, [LAUGH] and it's my process. Do you like Italian? Well, look who's here. Do you two know each other? Not really. Everybody seems to be confused tonight. It must be the weather. Yes. Confusion reigns. Who's that? Who, who is it? I got the part! That's great. I'm so happy for you. Oh, now he's happy. You're always depressed with me. Why is that? I can't talk right now. Call me later. [MUSIC] You've changed my life. Oh, dear God no. You changed my life. Shh. You changed my life. You weaseling son of a. No I didn't steal this from here, could you please put me down. All right lady, I'll put you down, you're an idiot. Owen Wilson. [INAUDIBLE] Imogen Poots, Kathryn Hahn, Will Forte with Rys Ifans and Jennifer Aniston. Are you insane? We're in a code red. [MUSIC] Do you understand what that means? [NOISE] [MUSIC] Men. It was just one of those crazy [NOISE] stupid, weird things that can happen to you in life. This is all very confusing. Very. [MUSIC] She's Funny That Way. Oh, great. Here's my therapist. [NOISE] [MUSIC]
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