Watch Jack Antonoff Record "Magic Pancakes," a Song Written by an 11-Year-Old Boy

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For the most innocent version of Behind the Music ever filmed, James Corden documented on Monday the working process between Fun.'s Jack Antonoff and an 11 year-old boy named Owen Roberts, who wrote a song called "Magic Pancakes."

Before getting down to business, the Late Late Show host attempted to offer the child some cheese and crackers but then chastised himself. "You're probably on a juice cleanse or something," he said.

Corden and Antonoff then examined the song's text: "So chow down all around / Eat your favorite treat / Cuz no baloney can alone-y / macaroni minestrone rigatoni pepperoni / gonna get in my way."

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"There's a darkness there," observed the Fun. guitarist (and boyfriend to Lena Dunham). "Is there a political element?"

"That's what we were talking about earlier," Corden added. "Is it actually a song about the American election?"

"No, I just really like pancakes," the kid answered. Click the video above to watch the music writing process unfold, and watch the final song below.

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