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We're calling it now: Microblading your brows is about to become as commonplace as getting 'em tweezed, waxed, or otherwise shaped. Granted, the process is a wee bit more extensive—a technician numbs your arches, then uses a micro-fine razor and tattoo pigment to create hair-like wisps. The result? Perpetually-groomed brows that'll last you a good one to three years.

Sound too good to be true? We thought so too—that's why we sent one of our beauty editors to try the treatment firsthand. Check out her experience with N.Y.C.'s foremost pro—Piret Aava, aka the Eyebrow Doctor on Instagram—in the video above.


Hi InStyle, I'm Diana Mizuno, one of our beauty editors. And today I'm here with Piret Aava, AKA the eyebrow doctor and we're doing microblading which is a new trend in the eyebrow space. And I will let her explain. What would you say to someone who says what is Microblading. Microblading is a form of tattoo where we use instead of a machine, we use a handheld tool that looks like so. Nice inside a sanitized package. And we use a needle like this. So it's a lot more precise than your old school tattoos, and it doesn't last for. Forever. It lasts a year to three years, which makes it less scary. And I mean, it looks more natural. We do little hair strokes, and then we do natural hairs. So for people who have no hairs, due to illness, or people who Just want more different brow and don't feel like using brow pencil or [INAUDIBLE] puff brows, things like that. Okay, and you say it doesn't last forever, how long can someone expect results? It last a year to three years. Okay. Mm-hm, it depends on your skin and your lifestyle. Mm-hm. So what we did was, we already numbed the area. Yes. And we filled them in with a pencil, with the desired shape. And then made a little mark that's an outline so I can still see where I need to do it. This is how her eyebrows looked before. [BLANK_AUDIO] So, yeah I was just looking basically to amp them up, but still keep it real natural, so that's why I thought microblading might be a good option for me. It's definitely something that you wanna be careful about who you go to. [UNKNOWN] What are your tips for finding a pro in your area? You wanna make sure Sure they have a lot of healed results as well because they might look great by the way but when they heal they might not so you wanna make sure that they have after pictures and also So pictures from straight on? Sure. Because from your experience, see one always looks better than the other one. Sure. So people normally tend to take like, side pictures- Right, right, yes. But you want straight on pictures. So you want straight on pictures as well. You know, people's faces are different, so side pictures are fine as well. Sure. But let's try to see you and make sure that they have front pictures as well, and So they even and symmetrical. Yeah. And [INAUDIBLE] results. What kind of training should they have gone through? I know you have all of your training here in your office, your diplomas. Look for somebody who's been in the brow business and has studied business for a long time. Sure. Experience with brows previously, because the courses nowadays are so easy. And you have to have a tattoo license, but the courses are really scary how people, they can just take an online course. And be like, yay, let's do some brows. And then you end u You end up paying more for removing it. And it's in the middle of your face. Right. And it's really, you want to do your research. Because it's really hard to remove it. Got it. And it just hurts. And it's more pain, total. And more money. Way to remove it that, when you do your research first and don't be cheap. And the prices vary anywhere from 500 to 2,000. So depending on the experience of the technician, how long they've been doing it. Sure, and if you're under that amount, that's almost a red flag, because they're probably not using the proper Yes, so you want to. The cleanliness and everything. We are cutting you, so don't go with someone who has [INAUDIBLE] on the couch. Right, exactly. So you want to make sure that everything is sanitized, everything is clean. And look and do your research and ensure that all the pictures and everything like that look Look correct. And you bring up pain as a factor. What is the pain like? How do your clients describe it? People describe it, everybody's pain level is different, but people normally describe it, it's similar to threading. Okay. But it's a weird sound to it when you do it okay it's more in your head okay picturing more so it's as long as you breathe and don't put much thought into it and then the cream throughout the process And then [INAUDIBLE] throughout the process. Got it. The longer the numbing cream stays on, the number you are. Sure. But the first pass, it hurts more, you feel more. But nothing really crazy, it's like a scratch. Sure, got it. And talk to me a little bit about kinda the touching Cuz I know it lasts from one to three years. But what kind of maintenance is involved? Four to six weeks you either come back for a touch up. And we make sure that all the colors stayed there, that there isn't any pigment loss. We will add it back if we need to adjust the color and tone to it. Because sometimes it's hard for With different skins to see how they heal. Do we need to warm it up more? Do we need to go more cooler? For people who have no eyebrow hairs, [INAUDIBLE] give you more like a three dimensional look. But we just make sure you're happy, and see if there's anything that needs to be touched up, and after that, depending on your life, and you You know, a life style. Yeah. Touch ups anywhere from like six months to a year. If you change your mind, can you let it kind of fade out? Yeah, it just gets lighter and lighter and lighter over time until it disappears. Sure. Very cool. And the more you exfoliate your skin the faster it fades. Sure. Cuz it's in the top layer of your skin. So any retinols, any exfoliations will make it fade faster. Got it, all righty, well, we're going to get started. Yay! You can check back in 15, 20 minutes, and you'll see the after. Yeah, in the meantime, you should absolutely check out Piret's Instagram, which is Eyebrow Doctor. And she has amazing before and afters, and kinda get a preview of what's to come. So to get started- I think we can begin. Can we get started? Yeah, now. Okay. All right. [BLANK_AUDIO] So we're going to use a color called Chocolate Truffle on you which we picked out before. Mm-hm. We tried a couple little, With a Q-tip, little stripes on the forehead to make sure that the color looks good on your skin as well. Sure. Cuz like we talked about, I always struggle with colors that go too red. But, it's all about the undertones, then? Finding something that's right on? Yes, so we use more cooler tone because you have a lot of warmth in your skin. Yeah, and people who have a lot of blue in your skin will use more. More [UNKNOWN] red or. If you have more blue, you use more warmer tones. Got it. Exactly, so an opposite on the coating. Sure, sure. Cuz people always ask, why do my eyebrows turn orange after a while? Yeah. It's It's mostly because the color was picked incorrectly. Mm-hm, mm-hm. [BLANK_AUDIO] And it's, you don't really have that much happening. You could pick the color correctly, sure, with micro blades. Mm-hm. [UNKNOWN] blades Your face before? Uh-huh. The old school tattoos, they are so deep in the skin that after a while, your body just starts absorbing different tones first. And then they end up with weird looking colors. Right, totally. Which we can adjust it with microblading but Not until like they are almost totally gone. Okay. And you will always gonna see [INAUDIBLE] your eyebrows turn orange. You are always gonna see that orange coming through it because it's hair [INAUDIBLE] so it's never totally gone but You will tone it down a little bit. Got it. So this is the tool that we're gonna use on you. Do I wanna see it? Okay. It's pretty, it sparkles. Yeah, it's beautiful [LAUGH]. [BLANK_AUDIO] All right. Okay, but it's the sound, you said, that's a little jarring. Yes, sing a song in your head. Sing a song. [LAUGH] All right, I'm gonna do one little scratch and we'll see how it My glasses on, so I protect my face. All right. Eyes closed is better? Okay, here I come. That was nothing. Was that it? Mm-hm. That was fine. See, people, it's not that bad. Yeah, it really is, the word scratch is a good. It hurts some spots more than others. Yeah, I mean, I was fully numbed. [BLANK_AUDIO] Literally, yeah, it was just a scratch. I mean, it doesn't feel like my brow. And this is the part that normally feels more, because there's this nerve that comes straight through it. And it gets more better towards the ends Okay. see this is fine now. Yeah you're right about the sound though. Yeah it's It's just a little creeping sound. Yeah think of it as threading. I heard threading Yeah, threading has a sound. To it. Yeah, I never got threaded but mm-hm, people say it's something like that. Okay, yeah, this is great. Hm. Okay, I can do this, yeah. And after the first pass, we can add more numbing cream. Okay. So it's gonna get even better. Got it, interesting. Yeah, it really is I can attest. It's really fine. Hm, okay. You're doing so good. Thank you, I hesitate to ask about bleeding. You're not a bleeder. Some people are, though? Some people are, yes, especially people who use retinols, alcohol. Aspirin. Mm-hm. But some people are just bleeders. Are there any pre- So good, first part is done. Okay, that's fine. Are there any kind of pretreatment, like don't have alcohol five days before, like are there any tips like that? Yeah, try not to get drunk the night before. Okay, I didn't. I promise. [LAUGH] See, you're not a bleeder. There you go. Paid off. It shows. Mm-hm. Yeah, try to avoid anything that would make your blood thinner. Okay. Like alcohol, aspirin, they say coffee as well. Uh-oh. But I don't really find that coffee's that big of a deal. Interesting [BLANK_AUDIO] First pass done. First test done. Look at that, you can see close. Is it already? You see it? Cool. Yeah, it's very cool. So I just separate. A lot more hairs. Mm-hm. And then I'm gonna add more numbing cream. Mm-hm, that it also has epinephrine in it. So it also stops bleeding, if you're bleeding. So you might have a few drops of blood, but that's it, mostly because it seals it and stops it. Got it, cool. Now I'm gonna do the other side. So you said right after, it might look really good. But then, let everybody know I know, I read a little bit about the scabbing that kind of occurs. So what can I expect the next couple of days? Normally, so the [UNKNOWN] Darker for a week. Mm-hm. Nothing crazy. Normally people say, I got nothing. Mm-hm. But the darkness of it, that's the scabs. But they're really fine, so it's not really big, ugly, scabby brows, okay? They just look darker. Okay. And sometimes they look a little bit more uneven. Almost think of it as You know when you fall and get a scab on you. Yeah yeah yeah its just a scrape not a scab.>> It just turns darker because the blood oxidizes. So this is also blood mixed with pigment so that makes it even more darker. Sure>> And then within a week The scabs fall off and you're left with the color underneath. So they will look a lot lighter. So we're going to wait normally days for them. And then, when they're lighten up you're like 'wait.' Where'd they go? Yeah the people come back after that timing like they want a touch up. They say make it darker even cause they like that Yeah! sometimes. Exactly. I mean, I like to go more conservatively, but the first time around, because- Sure, that makes sense. Everybody skin heals differently, so it's hard to predict how your skin is gonna heal and keep the pigment. Some turn more darker, some lighten up too much. So I'd rather be on a conservative side, and then Have the option to go darker. Then it's too dark. Right. And then we're screwed. [LAUGH] Right. [LAUGH] And if it's faded and lighter it also gives it more dimension. Totally. You can go more therapist strokes on top of it. [SQUIRM] You're like a pro. Am I Yeah Almost done with first one Really! Okay. So there is super passes, I was going to say, okay. And then I will go back and forth and add more feathery strokes they needed Got it. To make it more Natural. Totally. And now I'm gonna put more pigment on this and then I will put one of more numbing cream on that one. Cool. > And this one has been sitting with the numbing cream. Let me see how nice that looks. The color is perfect. It matches perfectly with your eyebrow hairs. Awesome. And now we're gonna add more strokes in between there. Okay. To fill it in even more. It's a great start. Mm hm. Beautiful. All right. So because this is going to take awhile we're going to take a break, let the eyebrow doctor do her thing. Mm hm. And we will be back soon to see the final results. So. Yeah. Should be in about 20 minutes. Sure, so. See you then. Stay tuned. [LAUGH] So, guys. Welcome back. So we're almost done. And I'm going to wipe off the pigment that I had on there so you can see the final product. There we go. It really didn't hurt. I can't stress enough that it really wasn't painful. Yeah. You were so right. [INAUDIBLE]. Okay. I'm gonna have you sit up for me and I'm gonna look at them straight on to make sure that they look as even straight on as they do- Alrighty. Laying down. Okay. And then we're gonna take another look at them. All right. Okay. And so the process was we first fill them in with the pencil to make sure she was happy with the shape of it, and we numbed her before we did that and then we made a little mark at as on there so in the beginning of the video when you saw it was she had a little mark just for the outline so I can see where I need to work But we agreed on a shape beforehand. [BLANK_AUDIO] Yeah- All right, I'm [CROSSTALK]. Let's do it. Okay, I need [UNKNOWN]. Okay [BLANK_AUDIO] All right, I think it came out perfect. All right-y. I'm gonna just show you guys. Okay. [UNKNOWN] I love when you do this on your Instagram. Yeah. Ready That's very cool, I could do it for hours when you do then>> Yea, so these are all the hair strokes, and on this side too.>>Uh, huh.>>Oh, wow you can really see where we did it And then we'll see how they heal in 3-6 weeks. You just have to come back and we are going to add some more when needed. Right. And you can take a look! Okay! My Goodness. Alright, I'm approaching here. Yeah! They look like how they left when I left in when they we're filled in. Yes. But- But better, They're just really me. They look so natural. They look very hairlike, as they're supposed to look. Yes, and then tomorrow they're gonna look darker. Okay. And then they will lighten up within a week, and you might have some pigment lost in spots. Mm-hm. Because that's just normal. Okay. Because every body's- Sure. Skin keeps pigment differently. Sure. And then whatever needs Needs to be fixed, it's going to be fixed when you come back in four to six weeks. Okay. I'm really excited. I like them. Wow. Thank you so much. They're perfect. And I know we have some questions from our viewers from the first half and we will answer those as well. So I'm going to put some on after It's a cure. Got it. I use the ointment, it's all natural and organic by Beauty Boo. Great. [BLANK_AUDIO] I just put a light coat of it on there. [BLANK_AUDIO] I think the color looks perfect. I'm so excited. And they're gonna shrink down a little bit, too, when they heal. Sure. And soften up a lot. Awesome. [BLANK_AUDIO] And you're gonna use this ointment for one week. Mm-hm. And you're gonna keep them dry from water. Got it, and in the shower we said. Yes, just put your head back and then try to avoid getting water on them. Got it. Because they're more superficial, and not as deep as a regular tissue. So if the scabs come off too early. Sure It will take the pigment out and you're gonna have spots and pigment loss. Yeah, got it, all righty. Well, we should probably tackle some of these questions together. Yes. All right, so the first question, I know we spoke of about this a little bit, was is this permanent? It lasts for years, to three years. So it depends on your skin and the dryness of the skin. If your skin is really dry, they last better when the [UNKNOWN] heal, heal sharper. If your skin is really oily, they heal a little bit more softer, and then they fade a little more, too. And also skin care products, if you use retinol, if you exfoliate your skin a lot, it will We'll see it [UNKNOWN]. Got it, that makes sense. And the touch-ups we spoke about, too. Mm-hm, the touch-ups, after the four week touch-up, is about six months to a year, depending on your skin. Got it, all righty. And we spoke a little bit about this, too, but someone who didn't see this part, does it hurt? We use a topical numbing cream. Through out the process. Did it hurt?>> I would say no. It was just like little scratches, like you said. That's the only way I can describe it. It scratches.>> Yes similar to threading, not a big deal at all. Yeah, and throughout. The first pass hurts a little bit more. You feel it a little bit more, and then we add Monami cream throughout the process and they will get a lot better. Absolutely, absolutely. And in terms of cost, what can somebody expect to pay for a service like this? It really depends on your location and- Sure. [UNKNOWN] of their experience. They run anywhere from 500 to 2000 but make sure they don't be cheap. Just do your research [UNKNOWN]. This is literally on my face right now. Yeah. I am so lucky that I had you doing this, totally. Yeah cuz it's hard to hide it when somebody messes it up. So you just wanna make sure Go do your research. A lot of people are like, but I want to get it done tomorrow. I'm like, you lived your whole life without brows, you can wait a little bit longer. It doesn't have to be like, who has the first available appointment? Because you want it done like right away. Yeah, it's probably a good thing if you have to wait a month. I know it's exciting when you want it right away. But you just have to wait a little [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH]. She's worth it. I promise. [LAUGH]. I promise. What about the touch up cost wise? The touch ups Mm-hm. Vary. But I charge $300 for touch ups. Got it. Mm-hm. Your first one is included for the [INAUDIBLE]. Depending on the location. Mm-hm. I work in New York. Yeah. My main office is here.>>Mm-hm. And then also in. Between LA and Miami. The touch ups are not included in LA and Miami. Okay. Just because I travel. Travel, sure. But in New York your first touch up is included and then the follow up sessions are 300. God, all right. That's very exciting. Well now, this was a wonderful experience, and I, like you said, I can play right into it sooner. I know. This is great. This is wonderful. Well, thank you so much Facebook. And continue to ask your questions in the comments, and we will expound after the fact. But yeah, I will be here with my beautiful brows, thanks to you. Yay, you are so welcome. Thank you so much. All righty, bye bye.
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