Watch the First Trailer for the Jem and the Holograms Live-Action Movie

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Jem is back! That's right: The animated '80s glam lead singer with amazing pink hair has returned for a live-action Jem and the Holograms film—and the first international trailer has arrived.

The film is based on the mid-1980s cartoon series and super popular Hasbro doll line about record executive Jerrica Benton, who lives a double life as a famous singer named Jem. However, the movie is a little different. Instead of working at a music label, Jerrica (played by Nashville's Aubrey Peeples) is an orphan who lives with her aunt (Molly Ringwald), sister and two foster kids. She has a passion for music, but is reluctant to share it until her sister Kimber posts a video of her song on YouTube. She then becomes an overnight sensation and transforms into Jem.

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Though the fame and fashion are fun (especially the updated pink hair and makeup), Jem struggles on her journey—especially when aggressive record exec Juliette Lewis to encourages her leave her bandmates (and sisters) behind. Ryan Guzman (from The Boy Next Door) plays Jem's love interest. The film hits theaters Oct. 23.

Watch the trailer by clicking on the image above.

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I, Jericca Benton, am living the most unexceptional life. Get one of those grocery bags. My sister Kimber and I live with our Aunt Bailey and her two foster kids. Here she is. Sing one of your songs. I don't like being on camera. At some point, we all wish that we could just become someone else. I'm going to play you a song I wrote. Who's got the heart of a hunter, pounding like thunder. She'll thank me later. Prowling the night. Something's happening that you really need to see. What? Oh my God. Is that me? Did you do this Kimber? This is about you not going your whole life wondering what would've happened if you didn't take that chance. The biggest record company in the world wants to sign us. We're going to be famous [MUSIC] Welcome to Starlight Enterprises. This is Rio. Hi girls. You are no longer Jerrica. Jem. That's what we call you now. That means changing the way you act, sound, and look. This is us? No, it's Photoshop. [MUSIC] All the web's been talking Talking about is Jem. Jem and her band of sisters revealing a whole new look. You're on the radio. No. Oh my God, we're on the radio! Would've never guessed that coming here would mean a whole new Jerica. You mean Jem. The whole world wants to know who you are right now. An icon is one for It's one of a kind. You don't want us around anymore? That's not how a family's supposed to act. This is just the beginning. The version of me that they want doesn't exist. [MUSIC] Even when the odds seem impossible, you need to trust the people you're closest to. You have to fix us. [MUSIC] Let's go, Jim. Showtime's the new G. [MUSIC] Everyone has a secret identity. Which one's the real you. My daughter would kill me if I didn't get an autograph. Of course. She's gonna freak. On your arm? Yeah. What is her name? You can just put Steven. [MUSIC]
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