Watch the Explosive Trailer for the New James Bond Film, Spectre

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James Bond is back. A new trailer for the 24th installment of the 007 series was released yesterday, and Daniel Craig looks as dangerous as ever in the extended sneak peek of Spectre

In the trailer we see Bond doing what he does best—jumping between roofs, blowing things up, kissing beautiful women, and infiltrating secret spy networks with the help of fantastic gadgets. This time around, Bond will go up against the leader of Spectre played by a very villainous Christoph Waltz. "It was me James, the author of all your pain," he says in the trailer. 

Thankfully he'll have help taking down Waltz. Look out for glimpses of new bond girl Monica Bellucci, as well as Naomie Harris and Ralph Fiennes.

See it all go down by watching the trailer above, and catch Spectre when it hits theaters Nov. 6.

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You have no authority, none. Mexico City. What were you doing there? I was taking some overdue holiday. [MUSIC] So what's going on James? They say you're finished. What do you think? I think you're just getting started. Magnificent, isn't she? 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. A few little tricks up her sleeve. Do one more thing for me What do you have in mind? Make me disappear. Tell me where he is.>> He's everywhere. You should go there, you're crossing over to a place where there is no mercy You're protecting someone. Get away from me. [SOUND] Why should I trust you? Because right now I'm your best chance of staying alive. [MUSIC] This organization, do you know what it's called? Its name is Spectre. Do you know who links them all? [MUSIC] Me. Welcome, James. You came across me so Many times yet you never saw me. What took you so long? [MUSIC] Is this really what you want? Living in a shadow. Hunting. Being hunted. Always alone. [MUSIC] I'd have to stop to think about it. [MUSIC] It was me, James, [MUSIC] the author of all your pain. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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