Watch Dakota Johnson Get Upset with Darth Vader in the Acting Game


Usually Jimmy Fallon is the king of creating fun new activities but on The Tonight Show Thursday, Dakota Johnson was the game master.

Wearing a pink Gucci dress featuring a deep-V neckline, the Fifty Shades of Grey actress introduced a new game in which one player is given a scenario and a telephone and then has to act out a fake call. "It's called the acting game and I played it once with my family and some friends," Johnson said.

In the first round Johnson pretended to be a woman dating Darth Vader and had to listen to him tell her he was leaving her for another woman. Channeling some real emotion Johnson dropped the F-bomb and Fallon called quits on that round. "Hang up the phone, hang up the phone," he said. "It's an adult game."

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Fallon did a little better pretending to be a French chef, and Johnson managed to get through her next turn without cursing though she had to pretend she was a clown getting rejected from clown school.

Witness the duo's great improvisational skills by clicking on the video at top.

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