Watch Bradley Cooper Woo Both Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams in Aloha

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Get ready to be charmed by Bradley Cooper again. The actor is back—in a very different role from his Oscar-nominated American Sniper portrayal—for a new romantic comedy directed Cameron Crowe: Prepare to swoon over the first trailer for Aloha!

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The film stars Cooper as a successful military contractor who after botching a mission is given another chance back at his old stomping grounds in Honolulu. There he has a chance to reconnect with his now married ex, played by Rachel McAdams, while at the same time he is drawn to a very energetic Air Force member played by the always excellent Emma Stone. A love triangle in Hawaii? Sign us up!

Watch the trailer for it by clicking on the image above, and see the movie when it hits theaters May 29.

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[NOISE] Well, I remember the good times. There were no good times! You cost us our prime new partner, a new space command center, all gone, because cool guy here, Mr. Sexy Pants, Brian Gilcrest, blew the mission! You are going to wear this like Flava Flav wears a clock. You can't let one small meltdown destroy the [MUSIC] A second chance. Who doesn't want a second chance? Your old boss wants you back. It's Hawaii, our old stomping ground. Aloha, you old crass. You're back in the game. I want to introduce you to your Air Force liaison. She's a. Is a fast burner. A double espresso? Morning sir. I'm so jacked for today. Make that a triple. The old ex girlfriend. Pause for the memories. I don't even remember why we broke up. Cause you're workaholic who creates work to avoid real. Well I'm still working on that You wrecked everything, and I put my life back together in spite of you [MUSIC] I will be an invaluable addition to our mission I've lone wolfed it all the way, that's who I am You're cynical, I get i I know what you're doing. You're not going to pick my brains, they're unpickable. Before it all came apart, there was greatness in this guy. Did you get the girl? We work together. Well why don't you just have what you want? Do you have what you want? Hm? How was Woody? I don't know, Woody doesn't communicate. [UNKNOWN] He said a lot, actually. What did he say? Check out my manliness, dude, I've been working out. And I'm a little too handsome to ever see you a threat behind good evening. And he said all that? Actually very talkative. [MUSIC] I think that you came back here for a reason. Let's just talk about it before I explode. About. That's night fare. I had fun. And in any of its many forms. I have found that nothing beats fun. Your life is going to become very, very. Complicated. [MUSIC] The future isn't just something that happens. [MUSIC] It's a brutal force with a great sense of humor that will steamroll you if you're not watching. [MUSIC]
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