Watch the 73rd Golden Globe Awards's Pastry Chef Serve Dessert

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Beverly Hilton Executive Pastry Chef Thomas Henzi masterfully whips up the dessert dish that stars will enjoy at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards.


[MUSIC] Hello I'm Thomas Henzi, and I'm the Executive Pastry Chef here at the Beverly Hilton hotel, and today I'm going to present to you the desert that we selected for the 2016 Golden Globes. The first one that I'm going to be plating up is the California almond cake [MUSIC] Okay we'll be plating right here like this. The next step I have some blueberry sauce. On top of this I'm going to place a lemon [UNKNOWN] which is on a [UNKNOWN] base. It's an almond base. And this is a lemon [UNKNOWN] we make it has a pistachio center. It's a very light dessert that goes really nice Around that we created a chocolate golden ring for the Golden Globes. And be placed just like that. We always need chocolate so we've got a chocolate carmelito with gramanyaes, flowerless cake, it's got like caramel infused flavors going inside but it's mixed and marbled with the chocolate mousse. And we'll place it like so. And now we just have to put the finishing touches. I've got some blueberries that we cooked down with some Cabernet, that goes really nice with the Lemon Mussolini. Some strawberry sauce. A little flair of sauce like so. And then I have a white chocolate ganache which we put in the center. I just pipe up Give it some height. We made some chocolate plaquettes, painted them with a red cocoa butter and gold spray. This is going to be a decoration that gives it some height. I have a white chocolate stick. Couple berries from the region. Some strawberries that marinated with a balsamic vinegar. And a little bit of green almonds that we have, some cocoa butter glaze, they're caramelized almonds and then we roast them with the cocoa butter, it gives it that nice green color. And there you go, here we have our desert for the 2016 Golden Globe Trio.
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