The Vow DVD Out Tomorrow: See an Exclusive Clip


Break out the tissues—The Vow DVD comes out tomorrow! To celebrate the release of the Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum tearjerker, check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip of the film's wedding scene, complete with commentary by producer Jonathan Glickman. "The pairing of them together worked really great for the movie," Glickman says of McAdams and Tatum. "They both have extremely great personas. They're funny, and they're dramatic and they're emotional." And so fun to watch! Pre-order The Vow on DVD for $17 at

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Channing Tatum on The Vow
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[BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] Action! The pairing of them together turned out to really work great for the movie in that they are both have extremely great personas. And they're funny and they're dramatic and they're emotional. They're young, which was important to us in this movie. Because we want this movie to be about all relationships, not just marriages. But about relationships that can occur. As soon as one begins to have romantic relationships, but also what was important is that they were from different planets. You know, Rachel McAdams, I think she's the perfect actress to play the role because she can tread that line so well of, of being likable but still being convincing that she's going through this, this process of, of having lost her memory.
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