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[MUSIC] I just finished my photo shoot with InStyle Magazine and it was a lot of fun. Basically, I'm trying on different outfits because I have a new talk show coming out this fall. And, I thought it would be fun, because people do have opinions about this. To invite those opinions and see what kind of look people wanted me to wear during the first week of the show. I can have a little more fun with my clothes in this new job. And I've had to be very straight laced when I did the evening news. So this will be a little more harkening back to my days on the Today Show where I could, just express myself a little more. [INAUDIBLE] My clothes. [MUSIC] You know I used to feel really uncomfortable doing photo shoots, but now they're fun; there's music playing and I liked what I was wearing so that made it fun too. I'm so happy they can retouch. Make me a little taller, a little thinner. If there's one thing I've learned in my years in television It's all about the lighting. You can have lighting that makes you look 110 years old like you're on the Smuckers jar and Willard's talking about you or you can make lighting look like you're 26. It really depends. I find as I get older the more lighting the better. Just saying. [MUSIC]

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