Video: Tom Ford on What Women Want and How Life Is Different in L.A.

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Tom Ford made a bold move when he brought his fall 2015 runway show to Los Angeles—and on Oscars weekend. InStyle’s fashion news director Eric Wilson sat down with Ford post-show, where the designer shared the details on what it takes to bring a high-fashion soirée to the streets of Tinseltown.

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Arguably the most star-studded Fashion Week event thus far, Ford's front row at Milk Studios was flanked with famous faces like Scarlett Johansson, Beyoncé, Sir Elton John, Amy Adams, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, Nicole Richie, Rita Ora, Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell, Cody Horn, Anjelica Huston, Olivia Munn, Reese Witherspoon, and more.

So, why did Tom Ford move his runway show to Los Angeles from London? Watch the video above to find out, and browse InStyle’s exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the night in our gallery.

PHOTOS: Go Inside Tom Ford's Fall 2015 Runway Show


[MUSIC] Tom Ford, you have the audacity to bring a fashion show to Los Angeles on Oscars weekend. Tell me what you were thinking. It's interesting you say audacity. I mean to me it felt completely natural. I have a house here. I've lived here off and on for the last 20 years. My family lives here, and I'm always here this week. Usually the fashion show calendar falls a week earlier, and what happened was that this year my show in London would have fallen the day after the Oscars. So this was a [UNKNOWN] decision. How much global press worldwide, newspapers all over the world do you think you're gonna get for a fashion show in London on the same, you know, the day that Oscar pictures come out. The next day I mean people run these pictures for several days. So I thought this doesn't make any sense. Plus I also was really sad that I wasn't gonna be here for this particular period of time. As well as the fact that I usually dress one woman for the Oscars, which I am this season. And lots of men, and I'm here for their fittings. I bring part of my atelier. And so I thought I'm just gonna move this to Los Angeles. And so we did. We built a replica of the show theater that I have in London and moved the show to L.A.. And given the turnout tonight, which was every A-list actor available and. An incredible cast of editors and characters for an amazing show. I think you will be getting a lot of press af, off of this event. But tell me about the collection itself. You went in a very different direction than this, this, the spring collection and now you've picked up a little bit of hippy vibe I believe and I think you know fashion is. Is, it's pendulum. Usually what you did last season, by the time you, you've looked at it for six months, you've looked at it, you've done it, you've shot it as an ad campaign, you're ready to move to something else. And so are our customers. The woman who comes in and buys. A certain look. You know, one season then the next season, she has that already. She has it in her closet. So, you wanna come [INAUDIBLE] you know, back in and buy something else. And I'm speaking from the commercial side. From the creative side, fashion is intuitive and what you have to really do each season and what I do every season is just stop and think, okay, what am I in the mood for. What am I tired of seeing? What do I want to see? And then that's what you try to do. There was even denim for evening in this collection. Which I. There was denim for evening. Which we haven't seen in years. Exactly. There was a little bit of a I would say, early 1970s vibe. When hippy [MUSIC] Was starting to become quite sleek. It was just before we were about to move into the Halston era where things became very minimal and very chic. So, there was a whiff of bohemian, more than hippie, Quite controlled and, and, that actually felt right again. Plus, very much of this collection was inspired by. A really wonderful friend of mine, Lisa Eisner lives in Los Angeles. When I think of LA I think of Lisa. And so I think a lot of those girls, you know, I have two great muses in my life, Kareen Roydfeld, Lisa Eisner and I vacillate often between the two. I think they were a bit of both. And you mentioned, Tibby Hedren, Alli McGraw, in that, that amazing look? Well, I mentioned Tibby Hedren because there, there was a certain, for me, putting the collection together, a Hitchcock quality, even to the music, was quite, you know, it's a soundtrack. At the end of, of film by the same composer who composed the music for my film and so I wanted that kind of dramatic, as if there were a Hitchcock heroine who was a slightly eccentric bohemian character. Mm-hm. And lastly, does being in LA affect what you design, when you put it on the runway? It absolutely does. Now,. I did this in London. I put together all the looks in London. My [INAUDIBLE] is in London and then we all flew here three days ago with the clothes. The funny thing is, the moment we landed, I thought, oh, because you feel different. I didn't change much but I contemplated changing it. So, I still feel really good about what I sent out, but. Just being in a different city. You know, in London so much black feels completely natural. Come to Los Angeles, black feels less like something you want to wear so I did struggle a little thinking how's this going to play. I didn't struggle thinking is this the right collection in terms of fashion. I struggled a little thinking how will this play to an LA audience of primarily entertainment industry people and the smaller number of journalists than usual who are you know less fashion journalists. So I gave a lot of thought to how and and in the end I did what I really felt very close probably the same show I would've done in in London. As I said I put it all together there so.>>That was terrific.>>Thank you.>>Congratulations.>>Thank you so much.
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