Video: The Inside Scoop on Blake Lively's Decade-Transcending Wardrobe in The Age of Adaline

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The Age of Adaline is definitive proof that Blake Lively is a timeless beauty. In the movie, the actress plays Adaline Bowman, a 29-year-old woman who never ages after a mysterious car accident. And although she may not get any older, her wardrobe does change throughout the film.

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"What appealed to me about Age of Adaline was that it was quite an epic piece. A piece that had many characters and characters to develop. And to me costume is all about that—developing characters and telling a story," says Angus Strathie, the costume designer on the film.

And develop Adaline does—the character's amazing wardrobe evolves along with the times, from the 1920s until present day. And although Adaline may look young, her tastes skew more towards her actual age.  "She's dressed a little more conservative because she's not 29, she's 100," Lively says.

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Watch the full video above to get all the scoop on Lively's wardrobe for the film, and don't forget to see The Age of Adaline when it hits theaters on April 24.

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[MUSIC] Ma'am, it says here you're 45 years old. That's right. What appealed to me about The Age of Adaline was it was a quite an epic piece. A piece that had many characters and characters to develop. And to me, costume is all about that. Developing characters and telling a story. The story was about a woman who gets into a car accident, and she never ages again. It was told in such a unique way that I was [UNKNOWN] to do this movie. How is this possible? You look exactly like this old friend of mine. We were very close. It's definitely a high concept film. It's a delight to work on a movie that's got that kind of magical thinking to it. [MUSIC] Since the piece took place over almost a century, it was extra challenging. To be able to find all those periods, and all those moods and all those emotions of this character. What we felt was great was to actually incorporate those vintage pieces into her contemporary look. The 2015 look. Where contemporary clothes mix with vintage pieces or vintage accessories. Adeline is somebody who has an incredible wardrobe. She's dressed a little more conservative and, because she's not 29, she's 100. She gets dressed to go to a New Year's Eve ball and she looks at a photo on the wall and it... It's here wearing this particular dress and it's scripted that she was wearing the same dress. So we had to find a dress that was going to service two periods, one that was very identifiable as being forties and at the same time she had to rewear that dress and not look out of place. [UNKNOWN]. You've lived, but you've never had a life. I don't know how. I think that our audience will enjoy being transported into a world that excites your imagination and opens your heart. [MUSIC] Tell me something I can hold on to forever and never let go. Let go. [MUSIC] The Age of Adaline. Rated PG-13. In theaters April 24th.
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