Video: How to Get Toned Legs Like Sarah Jessica Parker

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Sure, the world gets #shoeenvy every time Sarah Jessica Parker steps out in another pair of sexy stilettos, but we're equally as envious of her gorgeous gams. The Sex and the City star's long, super toned legs continue to look flawless as time goes on. How does she keep them in shape? We went straight to her trainer Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT InMotion, to learn the exact move she does with the actress to get exactly how she keeps them looking so fab.

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Watch the video above to learn how to do the high intensity move that Kaiser does with Parker-- it works the quads, calves, hamstrings, and glutes simultaneously (bonus for the multi-taskers out there).

Then, get the full workout by booking a class at AKT for a calorie-torching session that will leave you feeling sculpted from head to toe. Or buy the brand new DVD if you live outside New York to get the full body workout straight from your living room.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim Peiffer from InStyle. I'm here at AKT In Motion with Founder and Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser, who is responsible for Sarah Jessica Parker's amazing legs. What are some moves that we can do to get legs like hers? Well I'm gonna show you a high intensity move. You get the most bang for your buck. This is heel clicks. So you're gonna step out a little bit wider than shoulder distance apart. Pull your naval to your spine, drop your shoulders. Sit low, weight in your heels. This gets your entire leg. Inner outer thigh, quads, hamstring, calves, booty. The whole thing. So a little bit of everything. Little bit of everything. Jump it up click your heels, then you're gonna turn those knees out on your toes coming back in. And all the way up down on your heels up and down. Good and up next pulling that knee up to your spine shoulders out last one! Yeah. Very nice. My legs are shaking a little bit. [LAUGH] Fantastic. [MUSIC]
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