VIDEO: How to Get Toned Legs Like Jennifer Aniston's

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Jennifer Aniston has always been consistent with her fitness routine, which only proves that dedication really does pay off. Her longtime trainer Mandy Ingber stopped by the InStyle studios to teach me the ultimate move that she does on Aniston to get her gams looking red carpet ready.

The secret to Ingber’s unique workout that has kept her star client coming back over the years? “I have a hybrid yogalosophy,” says Ingber. “Which is basically alternating a yoga pose with a toning exercise.”

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In the video above, Ingber teaches me a chair pose-based move—with a twist—that sculpts all the major muscles in the legs (and also gives the arms a workout simultaneously). Try this move three times a week and you’ll have glam gams in no time.

Mandy Ingber is the Author of Yogalosophy for Inner Strength: 12 Weeks to Heal Your Heart and Embrace Joy ($17,



[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with celebrity fitness expert Mandy Ingber, hello. Hi. Thank you for being here. It's great to be here, I'm so excited. And today she's gonna show us how to get legs like Jennifer Aniston [UNKNOWN] Which I'm very excited about. I'm excited about it! Let's get to it! Let's get to it. I have a hybrid yogalosophy. Which is basically alternating a yoga pose with a toning exercise. Okay. And we are going to incorporate weights into it as well so we are going to get some Jennifer Aniston arms as well. Ooh bonus! Okay, so let's start off in chair pose. This is the yoga pose. So you're gonna bring your toes together, your heels slightly apart, and you're gonna take a deep breath in and extend your arms up overhead and exhale, sink down. And plug your shoulders back into the sockets and you would just hold this for six breaths, six deep breaths. And then after that you're gonna just rise up and separate the feet apart and we're gonna go into some squats. So go ahead and shove your hips back, and then squeeze up. And then shove your hips back, and then squeeze up. Good. And then I like to pulse it down, because this is really gonna get into the [UNKNOWN]. You're gonna shift your weight back to your heels, and you're gonna pulse it down. Do you feel this in your [UNKNOWN]? I definitely do. Ok, there's nothing better than a squat to give you those great legs. Okay, so let's come up. Now we're gonna add to this. So we're gonna carefully come down and lift up our weights. These are one-pounders, but when you do high reps, you start to really feel this. So we're gonna go ahead and do the chair pose now and bring the arms up in an L-shape. And we're just gonna open the arms and then close them. Good. Good. You guys are doing great. All right. So, really go slowly and really move through the exercise so that you can really feel every little muscle working. Nice. And there from here we're just gonna step the feet apart. We're gonna do an over the head shoulder press. So, you're going to go ahead and sink down and push your arms up, and then bring it back squeezing the glutes as you lift. Again, push up and then bring it down. Nice. Alright. So you can just do two sets of each, and then you'll have awesome Jennifer Aniston legs and arms. [MUSIC] So how many times a week would you recommend doing exercise?>>Well I would do this at least 3 times a week. Right? That's what Jen so. Well then we'll try that too. [LAUGH] Thank you so much.>>Thank you.
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