VIDEO: How to Get Toned Legs Like Blake Lively's


Bump or no bump, Blake Lively has legs for days, and she’s never shy about showing them off in gorgeous mini dresses.

How does she keep her stems in such killer shape? We turned to her longtime trainer Don Saladino, owner of Drive 495 in New York City, to find out.

Because the actress has limited time and a hectic schedule, Saladino loves to kill two birds with one stone when it comes to her workouts, and the legs are certainly no exception.

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In the video above, Saladino shows me a two-part move he does on Lively that works all the major muscles in the legs, including the quads, hamstrings, and the glutes. Plus, the move also works the core (bonus) and has a fat-burning element to it by raising the heart rate. We’re loving this multi-tasking move! 



[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with Don Saladino, owner of Drive 495. He trains Blake Lively, and she has great legs. Great legs. Super toned. So you're gonna show us a two-part move today. Yes, yes. Very very simple. What I love about this is that we're going to hit the entire area of the legs. Se we're going to hit the quad, the hamstring, the glute. We're going to hit a little core, and we are also going to spice it up and add in a little bit of that fat burning component. Yes I like that. Let's have some fun. What I want you to do is line up in your split squat stance. All you're going to do is drop that back knee about an Quarter inch from the floor, so down and up, that's perfect, yes. And notice how Kim's got really good posture here. Shoulders are tall, chin's at a good kinda level. And we're gonna go for about, I want you anywhere from pretty much eight to ten repetitions. Okay. And let's switch it up. Let's go other side. Other leg. For eight to ten reps. Burn. Yeah. You're going to feel it, and that's what great about this is, you don't need weight for this exercise. I mean naturally in time it would become easy. The one thing I want you to focus on is do not allow this knee to drive forward, just additional stress that we don't want to put on the knee. So really keep it in line with the ankle? Yeah, pretty much vertical. From here to here is vertical. Focus on that, right now we're really hitting the glute, the hamstring, the quad, the core is getting some work. I think my leg is shaking. And rest, okay cool, we're done there. The next thing I want you to do is we're going to go into a lateral bounce. We're going to jump On the one side and we're gonna explode back to the other side, but you're gonna stick the landing. So, good. Stick the landing. One. Two. You don't even have to throw the leg behind you. Just like that? Yes, yes, yes, great. Okay. Four, give me ten. Five. Six, keep going. [MUSIC] And rest, that'll be cool. So what I love about this is we worked in this linear, this straight line pattern which most of us always work in when we're training in the gym. We have to do more lateral movement, and that's really gonna work on the inner and outer thigh, that's gonna work on the glute, that's gonna work on the core. Also gonna get your heart rate a little jacked up, so you're gonna feel it right now. Little out of breath. You don't need treadmills, you don't need all this cardio equipment. You really can use nothing. You just saw two really simple movements. What I would recommend doing is pretty much two to three sets of eight to ten repetitions of each movement. So we're gonna hit eight to ten reps of that split squat, both legs. Right when we are done, we are going to do eight to ten explosive lateral bounds. You want to do that about two to three times. I would do that once or twice a week. Do not kill yourself. Do not feel like you go overboard. Just touch it and go. You are going to see big results. What I like about this move is, you can literally do it anywhere, no excuses. You are in the airport, in the hotel room. You can just. Just all you need to do. If it's getting easy, and it's something where you don't even have dumbbells, you can go grab, I mean I've had people do crazy things, a pillow case, and you load it up, or a little briefcase, and you just fill it with knickknacks. Just something to add a little resistance. You can even hold the weight right in front of you, which is going to engage your core a little bit. So These are little tricks. You don't need all this big fancy gym equipment. Which I shouldn't be saying because I own a facility, but you really don't. But, on the go. On the go. There's no excuse. There's no reason why you can't go hit something like this for five, ten minutes. Really, really simple. Awesome. Thank you so much. Good work. Awesome. The best.
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