Video: How to Get a Toned Butt Like Sofía Vergara, Straight from Her Trainer

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It's no secret that Sofía Vergara has a killer backside. The Modern Family actress and future Mrs. Manganiello is almost as famous for her curves as she is for her hilarious acting chops. Her secret? Anna Kaiser of AKT InMotion, who is Vergara’s secret weapon to getting that toned booty.

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If you’re looking to sculpt a derriere like Vergara, you’re in luck. We got the low-down from Kaiser on Vergara’s favorite tush-toning move, and believe us it’s a doozy—but totally worth it. Hey, there’s few things we wouldn’t do to get a butt like that.

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Watch the clip above to find out exactly how to do Vergara’s booty-sculpting move of choice, the screwdriver.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim Peiffer with InStyle. We're here at akt in motion with founder and celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser. Who just so happens to responsible for the rock body of Sofia Vergara. I don't think there's any denying that Sofia Vergara is one the sexiest women on the planet. Oh, she's so sexy! Not fair! [LAUGHS] Everyone wants to look like her. And I have to say, booty is really having a moment right now and she has a great booty. So, how can we get a **** like hers? Alright, so this move is called the screwdriver, it's so effective, let's head on down to the mat. [MUSIC] Sit on down. Roll down onto your back, and put your feet on the floor, planting your feet on the floor. Relax your neck. This is not about your neck. You are going, [LAUGH] not about the neck. Gonna take those hips all the way up to the ceiling, and squeeze your, what? Glutes! Yes, your booty. All right, so keeping that booty high, you're gonna. You're gonna extend the left leg to the ceiling, and then you're gonna twist down or tuck that foot underneath your right booty, and then press that right booty all the way back up again. Good, two more. Again, remember to relax your shoulders. All the way up. Now, you're gonna press it up. Go, press. Shoot yeah, nice. So Sofia loves this exercise because it's effective. That's right it is super effective. There is a crazy burn happening right now. Oh my gosh, yes. But you know, I don't want to be lopsided. [LAUGH] So let's do the other side. [LAUGH] So you're gonna take those hips up. All the way. And you're gonna raise the other leg up, and then tuck it all the way under, make sure there's no space. And then lift it up to the ceiling. All the way under, yeah, nice twisting those hips. **** driver action, sans the vodka. Hold it there, and you're gonna take it up. Go up and up, up. Good, nice. Yeah, all right. Feeling that awesome burn. And then, DeAnn, let's see if you can do 40 of these pulses, that'd be amazing. Roll it on down. Do you ever do 40? Yeah. Oh yeah. Definitely. Fine, then I will too. Okay. [LAUGH] If she says so. [LAUGH] Awesome. Nicely done. Thank you. I feel the burn. I feel like that's an awesome move because you can pretty much take it with you anywhere. Totally! Under your desk, in the bathroom. [LAUGH] Vacation. Yes! Vacation, at home, anywhere. Definitely a portable booty move. Now I know why Sofía Vergara has such a great ****.
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